Should I submit a cover letter to Google? Should I write a cover letter? No. Nobody reads cover letters at Google. As far as I recall, often the cover letter doesn’t get given to your interviewers (though I think it would go to the hiring committee, but I doubt they’dContinue Reading

How do you prove self motivation? Learning a technical skill that can help an employer enhances your value and illustrates self-motivation. Highlight tasks and achievements that demonstrate your persistence and eye for detail. Point out times you have volunteered for assignments that were challenging and/or time constrained. How do youContinue Reading

What should you name your cover letter file? You should name your cover letter file First-Name-Last-Name-Target-Job-Title-Cover-Letter. For example, John-Doe-Assistant-Manager-Cover-Letter. How do you state your availability in a cover letter? Address the topic of availability If you have prior commitments (such as finishing up a previous job or attending school), stateContinue Reading