How do you write a cover letter for a publication? What should I include in a cover letter?Editor’s name (when known)Name of the journal to which you are submitting.Your manuscript’s title.Article type (review, research, case study, etc.)Submission date.Brief background of your study and the research question you sought to answer.BriefContinue Reading

How do you highlight project management skills on a resume? How to include project manager skills on your resumeChoose an appropriate template to follow.Highlight your skills with quantifiable examples in your summary.When listing experience, provide examples of your skills.Include work samples or your project portfolio to showcase your skills. WhatContinue Reading

What is the proper salutation for a cover letter? Use a generic salutation, such as Dear Hiring Manager, Dear Recruiting Manager or Dear Human Resources Professional. (Avoid To Whom It May Concern; it is antiquated.) Another option is to write Greetings, which is somewhat informal but polite. What is aContinue Reading

What can you say besides good job? 10 positive phrases Montessori teachers use instead of ‘good job’“You worked for a long time on that.” “What was the most fun part of making that?” “What do you like best about your work?” “Tell me about your picture.” “How did you chooseContinue Reading

How do I write a letter asking for an exemption? The letter should include basic identifying information, an explanation of the legal obligation and reason for exemption, and clearly state that the writer is claiming the exemption. Individuals may file a letter of exemption to be excused from jury duty.Continue Reading

Is a boy Mr or master? Master is a title for an underage male. If a person is under 18, master would be used. Once a person turns 18 and enters adulthood, mister would be used. Where a title is necessary, mister is more likely to appear for both childrenContinue Reading