How do you say laid off in a cover letter? Mention the layoff briefly and early in a separate paragraph in the cover letter. Explain that the layoff was due to the pandemic and not your performance. Demonstrate that you were doing a great job up until that point (whichContinue Reading

How do you demonstrate problem solving skills? Problem-solving skills examplesResearch. Researching is an essential skill related to problem solving. Analysis. Decision-making. Communication. Dependability. Acquire more technical knowledge in your field. Seek out opportunities to problem solve. Do practice problems. How do you express problem solving skills on a resume? HereContinue Reading

When should I apply Epik? For the Spring term, applications will open on August 1st of the preceding year. For those interested in the Fall term, applications will open on the February 1st of that year with the application available on our website a week or so before. How longContinue Reading

How do I write a cover letter for a paralegal? Here’s how to write the perfect paralegal cover letter: Begin with an intro statement that captivates from the start. Highlight the skills and experience you bring to the law firm. Use numbered accomplishments to prove your value. Close your coverContinue Reading