4 Best Water-Resistant Gadgets In 2020

4 Best Water-Resistant Gadgets In 2020

What are your life goals for this year? swim or laps in the pool? run faster at the marathon? push harder at the gym? or maybe walk more and explore around town?. As the days go by there are a lot of gadgets that have been developed over the years to help humans for their daily activities, These are the lists of waterproof gadgets that you might wanna have.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

This is one of the best waterproof phones, the handset is rated ip68 which is pretty much standard for smartphones. Apple improves durability by making it able to withstand four meters that is thirteen feet of water for about 30 minutes, double the depth of iPhone X’s and XS max.

If you dive unexpectedly in the water, you should be able to rescue within time to spare. With iPhone 11 Pro Max you will also get a stunning OLED display, a triple-lens camera with an impressive night mode. Apple industry-leading a 13 Bionic processor and solid battery life in addition to the durability improvements. This high-end smartphone is worth the money.

Tayoga Amp

It’s a waterproof smart headset which is an mp3 player, Bluetooth headset, and FM player all in one. So you can take your music in and out of the water with comfort and convenience. Amplify your workouts by listening to the music you choose, easily load songs onto its own internal 8GB system.

Manage your playlists using a proprietary app that can be found in both Apple and Android stores. Connect the Tayoga Amp to your mobile phone and feed in your iTunes, Spotify or other music applications as well as answer phone calls.

Sweat or swim as much as you want, this headphone is designed with mini superion ipx8 waterproof standard which means you can continuously remain submerged underwater for up to three meters. Made with silicon and not harsh skin-irritating plastics.

With a simple three-part design it can built-in USB connector plugs directly into your computer to charge or download files easily. Forget your worries and submerge yourself in your training with the enjoyable, accessible, and comfortable with this waterproof smart headset.


The world’s only waterproof fishing drone. The all-weather, all environment waterproof drone that is fully modular with a quick change pod accessory system that includes a fish finder pod. A remote bait casting pod and a waterproof camera pod, with the AguaDrone you can land on and take off from fresh and saltwater.

With the energy pod accessories of this gadget, you can quickly and easily switch from one accessory to the next without the need for tools. The find pod A Wi-Fi enables a sonar fish finder that sends images to your handheld device.

The fish pod is remotely operated payload release system capable of carrying a payload of up to two pounds and releasing it with a push of a button the film pod captures your experience form the air and because the drone and camera are both waterproof you can capture the images under the water surface as well.

Turtle Shell 3.0

This is the latest rugged Bluetooth speaker and it’s awesome. This new and improved Turtle Shell 3.0 completely redesigned and re-engineered to be the toughest and loudest little speaker ever.

With its new ipx7 rating it’s completely waterproof and can handle everything life can throw at it. The pool, river, hot tub, and bubble bath are safe to partying with this gadget. You can even take it to the lake or to the ocean because it floats, this turtle speaker can swim as better than you.

This speaker is very loud and it’s 25% louder than the 2.0 but don’t worry, you can adjust the volume from 0 to 15 so you can set the vibe for any situation. Also, you can answer and reject calls, you can activate voice dialing and chat with Siri when you’re lonely or too lazy to Google something that you should be asking your doctor instead.


These lists of gadgets mentioned above make life easy for everyone with the toughest, loudest, and capture the most epic moments of your life with high-quality technology. You have nothing to worry about achieving your life goal activities this year.