5 Best Mattress For Back Pain

5 Best Mattress For Back Pain

Are you suffering from back pain on and off the mattress? Maybe it’s the time to change your mattress.

A right mattress can relieve your back pain. While choosing the best one on comfymattress.reviews, you have to consider some factors of the mattress like how much it supports?

5 Best Mattress For Back Pain

You also have to check the firmness mattress provide. All such factors together define the best mattress. Support is meant by maintaining the flat level of the body.

If mattress fails to keep a body on a flat level, we can say it fails to support your body. After some period of usage, most of the mattress gets suppressed at the middle resulting in the curve. When a person sleeps on such mattress his back will have a curve shape overnight raising back pain.

Another factor is mattress comfort. Comfort will be ensured if the mattress covers complete body without leaving any gap in support. Comfort cannot be promised with sagging.

Sagging is recorded as one of the top reasons for back pain. When there is a gap particularly in the hip area or shoulders, that part has more presser than other parts. Uneven support results in pain.Most of the unsupported areas of the body then suffer from pain. This is the most concerned factor for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

1. Airbeds Mattress

Airbeds are the best options for back pain relief. Airbeds don’t have sagging and support issues. As it ends with the body shape, comfort can be guaranteed. Air chambers in an air bed are efficient comfort provider.

Air chambers manage to change with the change in sleeping position. Airbeds are best for side sleepers. Air chambers also provide variety in firmness.

Too much firmness enhances pressure on the body and raises the pain. With the variety of degree in back pain, one can’t surely recommend a soft or firm mattress.

2. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is the most recommended mattress for the back pain relief. Research counted that 20% of back pain sufferers noticed relief in their join pain problem as well as back pain problem.

The comfort of memory foam depends on its foam density. Very low-density memory foam is found to give less support and comfort. Medium density memory foam is better than low-density memory foam in terms of comfort and support.

Whereas high-density memory foam is best as they contour complete body shape. These unique qualities make memory foam choice of people with the back pain problem. Memory foam owners reported satisfaction with the noticeable relief.

3. Latex Mattress

Latex has a spongy premium material which ensures contouring of the body by pushing it back softly.

Such premium material promises complete body support and hence ensures full comfort. 33% of people claim to have best results with latex mattress. It is beneficial for neck, shoulder and back pain relief.

Latex mattress has a special springy action. This makes a latex mattress more recommendable for the people having back pain. Latex mattress has excessive firmness which is the matter for complaints. Excessive firmness pressurizes the body. Except for this disadvantage, a latex mattress is the most preferred one. It is also necessary always choose the best place to buy a mattress.

4. Spring Mattress

Spring mattress is made up of a number of small pockets inside mattress fabric. These pockets contain small springs.

Each spring reacts with the change in sleeping positions. All springs together create a full body support and comfort. The number of spring may be varied with the weight of the owner.With the increase in body weight of the person, more springs must be added inside the mattress.

With all good features providing support and comfort to owner spring mattress can be used as orthopedic treatment. But it can’t get position above latex mattress and memory foam mattress.

5. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattress made of memory foam and spring features. Adding all features of this mattress hybrid mattress provide both support and comfort.

Most users reported the problem of sagging enhancing back pain in the hybrid mattress. This mattress provides variety of firmness. To scale support owners marked hybrid mattress to fair. Whereas in case of comfort owners ranked hybrid mattress as good.

As of now, one can’t rank any of the mattresses as the best mattress for people having back pain. Every patient has a different level of back pain or joint pain.

Some people may feel relieved with simple exercise whereas some people have a chronic pain problem. With the experience of owners, it can be concluded that memory foam mattress, latex mattress or airbed mattresses are best for pain relief in case of joint, shoulder or back pain.

Spring mattresses provide comfort and support in the initial phase. But with time spring mattress owners reported the severe problem of sagging, loss of support and less contouring. Consider sleeping position while selecting a mattress. The firmness of mattress must be suitable according to the sleeping position of the person.