Academic writing jobs with no experience, where to find it?

Tips for those who seek academic writing job

Today, anyone who wields a pen in any way can earn money as a freelancer. How to go pro in this field without sitting around in a stuffy office?

First things first

Let’s clarify what is necessary for this.

  • Grammatically correct speech. Anything that affects the reading.
  • The ability of written expression. Just not meant for everybody.
  • The simplicity of language. Its ease of use.
  • Self-discipline. Responsibility and competence.
  • Wish to work. Remember that readers always feel the sincerity of the author.

It looks very simple, right? But these are only basic requirements.

What to write

Now authors write not only for magazines and newspapers but also for different sites. Therefore, before deciding to become an author of articles, decide what you want to write.

  • The authors of scientific articles are mostly postgraduates who want to get a degree or candidates for a Master’s degree. Science publishers invite authors to post (both paid and free) their works, with further publication in well-known academic journals. And you can make money in this area by selling ready-made articles for the same postgraduates or other applicants to order.
  • Authors of economic and technical articles will face almost the same requirements and terms of publication in journals. Besides, publishers for economic articles are quite plentiful. Some sites provide calculating the price of publication or offer to post articles for free.
  • The authors of historical articles have a larger audience and a wider choice to contribute to external journals.

In any case, to be an author and publish your work is a chance to describe your experience and declare yourself as a writer.

  • A psychology article on can make good money since even glossy magazines include such column. Not all publishers require higher education in psychology, so anyone who can competently share its experiences or has any practical advice is able to become the author of such a column.
  • Author of articles on women’s issues. You do not have to take a character to turn around, the main thing is to meet the requirements of the journal, but they can be very different.

In any case, you should recognize conditions and instruction on publishing.

Job search

You have received all the necessary knowledge, mastered the necessary skills and are now ready to go into battle. You can find work for the author of articles in different ways:

  1. Post your resume on professional websites. Think, for instance, of
  2. Find online journals on the desired subject.
  3. Register on popular labour exchanges for copywriters/rewriters.

As you can see, this type of earnings on the Web is now very relevant and the number of people who want to build a real career in this area is also rapidly increasing. But not all at once. Someone works on order for weeks and earns a penny, while others spend a couple of hours with the job and take the jackpot. Therefore, the difference in payment for authors of articles varies greatly. It all depends on the effort, willpower and pursuit of success.

Final touch

Also, do not forget that in case of successful work, you can be a content manager, and this is quite different money.