Are Catalina Yachts any good?

Are Catalina Yachts any good?

Conclusion. The distillation of her designer’s decades of boat design and building experience, the Catalina 425 is an excellent cruising boat that will carry you just about anywhere in comfort, safety and, yes, speed and style. She’s a worthy winner of a SAIL Best Boats award.

Is a Catalina 22 a good first boat?

A Catalina 22 is an awesome starter (as is the Cat 25 honestly), these are good reliable choices that’ll hold their value decently so if you decide on a smaller or bigger boat later, unloading it should be easy… slip it, and get out there, and get that tiller time.

How fast can a Catalina 27 sail?

6.25 knot, 7.2 mph hull speed.

How fast is a Catalina 22?

It has a length overall of 23.83 ft (7.3 m), a waterline length of 19.3 ft (5.9 m), displaces 2,380 lb (1,080 kg) and carries 550 lb (249 kg) of ballast. The boat has a draft of 5.00 ft (1.52 m) with the centerboard down and 1.67 ft (0.51 m) with the centerboard retracted. It has a hull speed of 5.9 kn (10.93 km/h).

Where are Catalina Yachts built?

Catalina sailboats are manufactured out of its Largo, FL, factory. Although the Catalina brand was built upon sailboats, the recently acquired True North line of OB motor yachts is the company focus today.

How much is a Catalina 425?

Boat Details

Make Catalina
Model 425 Factory Base
Year 2022
Condition New
Price US$345,723

Can a Catalina 22 sail in the ocean?

According to Douglas, the Catalina 22 was designed as a family cruiser equipped with a mainsail and 110% jib. The Catalina 22 became one of the most popular sailboats ever built and active fleets dot the country on lakes, rivers and oceans.

Can you sleep on a Catalina 22?

The “trick” with sailing a Catalina 22, or at least staying overnight on it is to avoid using the V berth for sleeping (keep it clear to use the portapottie).

How tall is the mast on a Catalina 27?

34 1/2-foot
The standard Catalina 27 has a 34 1/2-foot mast. Catalina also built a tall-rig version, with a 36-foot mast and a small bowsprit.

Is the Catalina 27 Trailerable?

The C 27 is marginally capable of being called a trailer sailer.

How heavy is a Catalina 25?

Catalina 25

Boat weight 4,550 lb (2,064 kg)
Draft 4.00 ft (1.22 m)
Type Monohull

Will a Catalina 22 sink?

The cockpit hatch covers, (lazarette), should always be latched/locked shut. And the companionway covers need “deadbolt” latches on the upper corners, or they will slide/float out. And yes, the boat can sink.