Are Citroen C4 a good car?

Are Citroen C4 a good car?

The Citroen C4 is a good family hatchback, but not the best option for those prioritising practicality, efficiency and a degree of driving fun. Citroen has succeeded in ensuring the C4 is a comfortable car to drive, while keen pricing and decent standard kit mean it offers good value for money.

Is Citroen C4 a hatchback?

Anyway, the C4. It’s a hatchback that goes big on traditional Citroen strengths: comfort and aerodynamics.

How big is the boot on a Citroen C4?

All Citroen C4 versions have a 380-litre boot capacity, which lags behind the Mazda CX-30’s 430 litres of load space.

Are Citroen reliable?

The short answer is very simple, it was found to be quite reliable. In the most recent Telegraph reliability survey, Citroen came 13th for the second year in a row, with 115 problems per 100 vehicles.

Where is Citroen C4 built?

MADRID – French automaker PSA will build a new generation of the Citroen C4 at its Madrid plant, guaranteeing the facility will remain operating at least until 2028.

Is Citroen C4 a good first car?

Citroen C4 Early cars may have some very small issues which have been eradicated after the initial batch. Parts are cheap to buy too, helping make the C4 a great first car.

Does Citroen C4 have Turbo?

The 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, which is built in France, has some German roots. Turbocharged 1.6-litre produces 7bhp and 40Nm more than the old 2-litre unit. As with the Pug, Citroen pairs the engine with a conventional 4-speed automatic gearbox. This programmes the car to adapt to different driving styles.

Who makes Citroen C4?

The Citroën C4 SpaceTourer (formerly the Citroën C4 Picasso) is a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), available as a five-seater and a seven-seater version, called the Grand C4 SpaceTourer (formerly the Grand C4 Picasso), produced by French manufacturer Citroën.

How big is the boot on a Fiat 500L?

400 litres
At 400 litres, the 500L’s boot is a competitive size. As standard, its floor can be adjusted to three heights. This means there’s no loading lip, but also that when the rear seats are folded flat, that there’s a completely flat surface all the way through to the front seatbacks. The boot is practical, too.

Is the Citroën C4 a hatchback or SUV?

However, this Citroën C4 is rather harder to define. It may be about the same size as family hatchbacks such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, but the pumped-up wheel arches and elevated seating are more SUV, while the curved roofline is pure coupé. So, it’s the latest car to enter the burgeoning coupé SUV class, right?

When did the C4 hatchback get a makeover?

At the end of 2008, the C4 hatchback and coupé were subject to a slight cosmetic makeover that involved the front end, which now sported a “mouth” and larger trapezoid shape. The grille was redesigned, making it slightly curved.

How much does a Citroen e-c4 cost?

You can get a normal Citroen C4 with a three-cylinder petrol engine for not much more than £20,000. The cheapest e-C4, however, costs around £33,000 pre-Government grant. The top-spec car we tested had an RRP of £35,000.

Is the Citroën C-Quatrè getting a facelift?

For 2012, Citroën planned a new facelift version of the C-Quatrè sedan to unveil at the Shanghai Motor Show based on the first generation of the European C4. The C4 Picasso is the MPV version of the C4 range.