Are Ford Probes reliable?

Are Ford Probes reliable?

Ford Probe Reliability Problems Probe owners have made 58 complaints over 8 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we’ve ranked it 8th in overall reliability out of 42 Ford models , with some engine and electrical concerns.

Are Ford Probes fast?

The NASCAR Dash Series version of a 1990 Ford Probe driven by Jeffrey Collier set a new track record at Daytona International Speedway February 13, 1990 with a speed of 166.553 mph. That record still stands as the fastest closed course lap for a non-turbo 4-cylinder powered car.

What is the value of a 1995 Ford Probe?

1995 Ford Probe trade-in prices range from $179 – $1,122.

Is the Ford Probe RWD?

Enter the Ford Probe, a front-wheel drive sports car that was also meant to replace the European Ford Capri.

How many Ford Probes are left on the road?

2021 2019
FORD PROBE 16V 121 144
FORD PROBE 24V 191 224

When did they stop making Ford Probes?

The Probe was discontinued in 1997, to little fanfare. Read on to find out why Ford pulled the plug on the Probe project only a few years before the turn of the decade.

Why did Ford stop making the Probe?

Ford dropped the Probe mainly because it failed to carve out a place for itself in the market. It was unique, but its Mazda sibling was a better-looking car with a more grown-up name, and people looking for juvenile thrills in a fast Ford rightfully turned their attentions to the Mustang.

How many Ford Probes are left in the UK?

Are Ford Probes FWD?

Enter the Ford Probe, a front-wheel drive sports car that was also meant to replace the European Ford Capri. On the outside, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the car, and it had some decent racing chops. However, the Ford Probe was a spectacular failure in both the United States and Europe.

Why did Ford discontinue the Probe?

How much does a 1989 Ford Probe GT cost?

I have a 1989 Ford Probe GT it has a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged with a 5 speed it burns oil and needs some tlc but this car is gre… Over 4 weeks ago on Claz $4,900 1989 Ford Probe GT-2.2L turbo charged-5 speed hatchback-Rare Collecti 552 miles · Norwalk, CT

Is SN-16 the 1989 Ford Probe?

However, since both fans and Ford engineers were rather opposed to this idea, Dearborn decided to revamp the Fox platform instead for the ’94 Mustang, while the already finished front-wheel-drive project codenamed SN-16 could hit dealers as the 1989 Ford Probe.

Do they still make Ford Probe Coupe?

Ford’s Probe coupe has all but disappeared from U.S. roads, with few examples still being used as daily drivers. Even fewer that are left feature the desirable turbocharged powerplant, and this first-generation model is an impressive survivor with the most desirable motor and transmission combination.

Does the Probe GT have a boost controller or intercooler?

This Probe GT is also in stock condition, with no aftermarket boost controllers or intercoolers fitted.