Are happy plugs good?

Are happy plugs good?

These may be an AirPods Pro copy, but they’re actually a great product. The Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC headphones offer an excellent design, comfortable fit, and sound pretty good — not to mention the fact that they offer a good battery life….Conclusions.

Store Price
Happy Plugs $149.99

How long do happy plugs last?

The ear buds themselves will last about 3.5 hours but you can recharge them several times in the case, even if the case isn’t plugged in, until you hit around 14 hours and then you need to plug in and recharge the case. So bottom line is over 3 hours of continuous use for the ear buds themselves.

How do I connect my happy plugs?

With the Ear Piece turned off, press and hold the centre button until the LED indicator starts blinking red/green. On your phone/music device, turn Bluetooth on and have it search for nearby devices. Keep your Ear Piece no more than 1m (3 ft.) away from the device.

How do happy plugs work?

Turn on — Turn on your Ear Piece by holding in the middle button for four (4) seconds. Connect & pair — Turn on your device bluetooth. Pair it for the first time. Play — Choose your favourite song and play it on the go with your new Happy Plugs Ear Piece.

Is urbanears a good brand?

Overall, while the Urbanears Luma don’t offer noise cancellation features like the Apple AirPods Pro, and they don’t feature a ton of extra features, they’re still immensely appealing. They look good, take seconds to get started with, and the sound quality is good enough for most casual listeners.

Are happy plugs waterproof?

Introducing Happy Plugs first True Wireless collection of stylish designed headphones with cutting-edge technology….No Wires, No Worries.

Headphone Type In-Ear
Water & Dust Resistance Sweat Resistant
Battery Life (Headphones) up to 14 hours
Microphone Built-in

How do you charge a happy plug?

Charge your Air 1 case by connecting the included Micro-USB cable to a USB power source. When the Air 1 case LED is turned on, the case is charging. When the light turns off your Air 1 case is fully charged. To charge the Air 1 earbuds place them in the charging case.

Why won’t My Happy plugs connect?

Make sure you remove both earbuds from charge case and keep them within 15 cm (5″ inches) from each other first to let them pair to each other. Put earbuds back to the case and wait for 10-15 seconds. When you take (both) earbuds out of the case, they should be able to pair correctly.

Do happy plugs work with iPhone?

iPhone 5/S – The Cases are compatible with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

How do you use Luma urbanears?

How to – Luma – First time set-up

  1. Open the case and take the earbuds out.
  2. Remove the protective plastic strips and put the earbuds back in the case.
  3. Take out the earbuds and put them in your ears.
  4. Select Urbanears Luma from your device’s Bluetooth. menu.

How do you pair Luma and urbanears?

Pairing with another device Open the Bluetooth menu on the device that your earbuds are currently connected to and disconnect Urbanears Luma. The earbuds are now in pairing mode and ready to connect. Open the Bluetooth menu on the device you want to connect to and select Urbanears Luma.

How long does it take happy plugs to charge?


AIR 1 PLUS Earbud AIR 1 PLUS In-Ear
Wind Noise Reduction CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation
Charging Fast Charging USB-C Fast Charging USB-C
Audio Codecs SBC, aptX SBC, aptX
Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS