Are Kona bikes good quality?

Are Kona bikes good quality?

Kona isn’t a huge entity compared to some other global bike brands, but it enjoys iconic status. They’re best known as a “freeride” bike company, but have made road and ‘cross bikes since the beginning. And their city bikes are some of the coolest, most practical options around.

How much do Kona bikes cost?

For the base model at $1900 you get a 29er with Kona’s unique “Scandium” frame material – aluminum reinforced with a rare earth element that adds strength without much weight. The Hei Hei DL and Supreme models add superior components and will set you back as much as $5500.

Where are Kona bikes made?

Kona is 50% US and 50% Canadian owned. It is an independent company; no one owns us and we don’t own anything else. We design all of our bikes from the ground up and visit the factories that make our frames and components and assemble our bikes in Taiwan every month while they are being produced.

What is a LTD bike?

Ltd or LE (in general with all bike brands) suffix on a bike usually means ‘limited edition’, generally a version of a bike in their regular range with some upgrades and a different paint job.

What are Kona bikes known for?

Kona is an American bicycle company founded in 1988, with offices in Ferndale, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. With its roots in the Pacific Northwest, it’s no surprise that Kona was at the forefront of the freeride movement of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Is Kona a good gravel bike?

The Kona Rove LTD is the company’s top end gravel/adventure bike that offers an excellent ride feel, loads of mounts for those epic trips off the beaten track, and plenty of tyre clearance. The thing I like best about it, though, is the way it handles.

Does Kona make women’s bikes?

Mountain bikes with women’s-specific touches We make bikes that are meant to be ridden hard by everyone. And our line of bikes for women is no different. Designed and built to Kona standards, these bikes are durable, comfortable, capable and ready to shred without the shrink-and-pink mentality.

What is Kona bikes known for?

Kona has gone on to develop a complete range of road, commuter, cyclo-cross in addition to a complete range of mountain bikes. Using a range of materials including carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and steel, Kona’s bikes are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

Who makes Kona?

Hyundai backs the Kona with a five-year/60,000-mile limited warranty and a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Is a bicycle tax deductible?

You can claim a bicycle as a business expense on your taxes providing it is only used for that business.

Can I buy a bicycle through my company?

You, as the employer, can purchase a bicycle through your Limited Company for the use of an employee. At least 50% of the bicycle’s use should be for work purposes. Ownership of the bike must remain with the company through the loan period.

What does Kona mean in Hawaiian?

Kona means “Leeward” in Hawaiian. In Ancient Hawaii each island had a “Kona” district. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, sometimes called Kona Town.

What is the Kona blast?

The Blast is where the mountain meets functionality at a great price. In order to correctly size the right bike for you, please consult your local Kona dealer in person or use our sizing form. The Trail Ahead Is…

What size tires can I run on the Kona blast rims?

If you’re a fan of plus bikes, you can run up to 2.8” tires on the the WTB ST i27 TCS rims. The Blast is where the mountain meets functionality at a great price. In order to correctly size the right bike for you, please consult your local Kona dealer in person or use our sizing form.

Where can I buy a Kona bike during covid-19?

Most Kona dealers are still able to receive and arrange pickup from their store or delivery to your home during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Kona Demo Tour is postponed indefinitely due to concerns about COVID-19. Open 24/7 to give advice on bike selection and sizing. Order your new Kona online for pickup at the Kona dealer of your choice.

What makes the Shimano blast different?

The Blast dabbles deeper into mountain biking’s trends. With a Shimano 1x drivetrain, larger tire clearance, tubeless-ready rims, a RockShox air-sprung fork, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and 27.5” wheels, the Blast steps it up, ensuring you have the confidence needed to tackle tougher trails and grow as a rider. Available in S-XL.