Can I swim with wrwr30m?

Can I swim with wrwr30m?

WR30M actually isn’t the model. That tells you that the water resistance is 30 meters. In watch speak, that really means you can probably get away with light water use- splashing around in a pool is usually okay, but no serious swimming or saunas etc. You can probably set the watch like most standard watches.

Is the wr30m 1 position or 2 position?

Instructions for both 1 position stem and 2 position stem, but on the wr30m the middle position is so vague you wouldn’t know it’s there, and the 1 position instructions don’t work. Even if you do know it’s a 2 position stem, the Timex instructions are obtuse at best.

What is the battery equivalent of my sr626sw?

Then at the beginning of the row you see what your SR626SW battery equivalent was a 377. The rows are highlighted across for easy reading. PRO TIP: If you are having a hard time determining your battery, measure the width of the battery and then the height.