Can I visit Wormwood Scrubs?

Can I visit Wormwood Scrubs?

Visitors are offered a warm welcome, information and support. For more information call 020 8735 0595 or email [email protected]

What area is Wormwood Scrubs in?

Wormwood Scrubs, known locally as The Scrubs (or simply Scrubs), is an open space in Old Oak Common located in the north-eastern corner of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in west London.

What can I send to Wormwood Scrubs?

Any further information can be found on the prison website at or you can ring the main switchboard on 020 8588 3200….You are allowed to take in the following items for children:

  • wipes,
  • nappies,
  • one clear bottle of milk for babies.

Can prisoners get packages?

Due to security reasons, you won’t be able to directly send your package to an inmate who is incarcerated. In most cases, prisoners can only receive just one package per quarter. You’ll probably need to order your care package from a company that is on the approved list for the facility where the package is being sent.

How do you write to someone in Wormwood Scrubs?

Letters. You can write at any time. Include the person’s name and prisoner number on the envelope. If you do not know their prisoner number, contact Wormwood Scrubs.

What clothes can a prisoner have?

Convicted prisoners You will have to wear clothes that the prison gives you. These clothes include underwear, socks and shirts. Prison staff must make sure these clothes are clean, in good enough condition and keep you warm and healthy. Prison staff must make sure they give you clean clothes often.

Can you send snacks to prisoners?

Access Securepak They partner with jails and prisons to ensure inmates are given safe and meaningful gifts, like food and snacks, personal hygiene products, electronics, and clothing. To see if the facility you are sending a package to is partnered with Access Securepak, visit their website and input your state.

How do I book a visit to Wormwood Scrubs?

You can also book by telephone. Legal visits can take place at an open table or a closed booth. Wormwood Scrubs is a 10-minute walk from East Acton underground station. The closest mainline railway station is London Paddington. Several local bus routes pass the prison.

Where can I find Pact in Wormwood Scrubs?

Address: HMP Wormwood Scrubs. PO Box 757. Du Cane Road. London. W12 OAE. Governor: Jonathan French. Head of Operations: Carolyn Taylor. Pact Worker Contact: You can contact Pact at this prison by emailing [email protected] or by completing this contact form. Visitors’ Centre Telephone: 0208 735 0595

What is rewormwood Scrubs now?

Wormwood Scrubs is now a Category B prison for adult males either sentenced or on remand awaiting trial. There are 5 main wings and several other smaller dedicated units.

How many wings are there in Wormwood Scrubs prison?

There are 5 main wings (A to E) plus a number of smaller specialist units. Facilities include book rooms on all wings and a fully equipped gym. Wormwood Scrubs Prison has a diverse, multi-faith chaplaincy team providing support to prisoners.