Can you do a day trip from Oahu to the Big Island?

Can you do a day trip from Oahu to the Big Island?

Embark on a one-day tour from Oahu to the Big Island to visit the most famous volcano of Hawaii, Kilauea Crater. All packages include round-trip airfare and a guided tour! Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers a great way to experience the unique geological conditions of the Hawaii and welcomes visitors of all ages.

How long does it take to get from Oahu to the Big Island?

Hawaii Island Hopping From Oahu:

Honolulu, Oahu to Kahului, Maui 30 Minutes
Honolulu, Oahu to Lanai 35 Minutes
Honolulu, Oahu to Molokai 35 Minutes
Honolulu, Oahu to Lihue, Kauai 25 Minutes
Honolulu, Oahu to Kona, Big Island 40 Minutes

Can you do day trips between Hawaiian Islands?

Traveling between the Hawaiian Islands is relatively quick and easy. There are dozens of daily flights connecting the six major islands. Travel between Honolulu’s interisland terminal on Oahu and Maui, Kauai as well as both Kona and Hilo on the Big Island are the most frequent services with departures every hour or so.

Can you island hop from Oahu?

Hawaii island hopping will require you fly one of three airlines: Southwest, Hawaiian or Mokulele. You can fly from the Big Island of Hawaii to Maui in just 33 minutes. From Maui, Oahu is just 37 minutes away.

How do you get from Oahu to the Big Island?

Most visitors arrive in Kona. There is also the option of flying into Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu first and then taking a short, 35-40 minute flight to the island of Hawaii. Getting to the island of Hawaii is easier than ever with daily direct flights into Kona International Airport.

How long does it take to climb Diamond Head?

Diamond Head Summit Trail

Trail Length 1.6 miles (round trip)
Time 2 hours
Activity Pedestrian
Difficulty Moderate
Terrain Hot, Dry, Slopes

How do I get from Oahu to the Big Island?

The only way to get to the Big Island from Oahu is to fly. There is no ferry.

Is island hopping in Hawaii worth it?

For those who just can’t decide which island to stay on, it is worth considering the option of Island Hopping. By spending a few days on 3 or 4 islands, you will be able to adequately explore and learn where you would like to spend a more extended period on your next trip in the Hawaiian Islands.

What is the best way to travel between islands in Hawaii?

By far the best way to travel between Hawaii’s islands is by plane. In almost all cases it’s also the only way to travel too. There are three main airlines that operate regular daily flights between Hawaii’s main islands, Hawaiian Airlines, Mokulele Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

How many days do you need in Big Island?

Being the largest of the Hawaiian Islands there is a lot of ground to cover and a lot of exciting and adventurous activities to do. Many visit Hawaii Island on a day trip from Oahu. We recommend spending at least five days on the Big Island, even longer if you can!

Can you take a ferry from Oahu to Big Island?

There is no passenger ferry service. How do you travel between Oahu and the Big Island? You must fly. There is no passenger ferry service.