How do I close InfoPath after submitting? I have an browser-enabled InfoPath 2010 form that has two views and a submit button on each view. The form would correctly submit and close the form using one button on the form until the second button was added….Resources: RKElder Joined Jan 2011Continue Reading

Does ISO 22000 include HACCP? ISO 22000 requires risk analysis to evaluate all food safety standards identified. HACCP utilises the traditional idea of control measures falling into two groups; prerequisites and measures applied at critical control points. Whilst allergen control is required in ISO 22000 it isn’t mentioned or neededContinue Reading

How many tree kangaroo are left in the world? The Wondiwoi tree kangaroo is critically endangered (possibly extinct) with as few as 50 individuals remaining. How many tree kangaroos are in captivity? The numbers of tree-kangaroos in captivity in North America have been recorded over the years, and in 1997,Continue Reading

What is the AC frequency in Europe? 50 Hertz It is well-know that household alternating current (AC) in Germany and Europe has a frequency of 50 Hertz (Hz), while other parts of the world run on 60 Hz. Why is Europe 50Hz and US 60Hz? Why is 60Hz frequency usedContinue Reading

Can yoga change your body shape? Yoga is more than a powerful way to relax — it can transform your body, says Travis Eliot, a registered yoga teacher in Santa Monica. “Yoga has the potential to increase fat loss, develop muscle tone, and build flexibility, leading to a more lean-lookingContinue Reading

Is Pioneer car audio going out of business? TOKYO — Another renowned audio equipment brand will be forever silenced when Pioneer quits the business to focus on automotive gear, a result of waning demand for high-end audio components. Is Pioneer a good brand for car audio? Pioneer is a goodContinue Reading