Did Tudor discontinue the Fastrider?

Did Tudor discontinue the Fastrider?

Selling 42mm Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Chronograph CERAMIC – M42000CR-0001. Come with both original rubber and black leather (Red Threaded) straps. Will include in the original black leather (Red Threaded) strap. …

Is Tudor a good investment?

Generally speaking, most items do not tend to hold their value very well. In fact, it is well known that some timepieces actually appreciate in value and can prove to be exceptionally good investments. Tudor is just one watch brand that enjoys this luxury.

What movements do Tudor use?

Mechanical Movements Every Tudor is a mechanical watch. Since 2015 with the release of the North Flag, Tudor has offered in-house movements in some of their watches, while others use modified ETA movements.

Does Tudor hold value?

Tudor has NO value retention and no increase. You get it immediately when you ask the dealer and at 50% of the price when the watch is used.

Has Tudor North FLAG been discontinued?

So now that it has been discontinued after a 6 year run, where do I think that the North Flag lands in the history books of Tudor? I believe that the North Flag is a future classic that will be looked upon fondly by collectors in the future.

Does Tudor still make North flag?

It was only recently that Tudor discontinued the North-Flag, a watch that was originally introduced in 2015 and had marked a significant step for the brand.

Does Tudor use Rolex movements?

Tudor’s nowadays use in-house movements. Given that Rolex as a group makes everything itself, that means you’re getting Rolex quality movements, made specifically for Tudor. Again, they’re a little more basic in terms of bells and whistles, but what they do have is just as well-made.

Is Tudor respected?

So are Tudor watches any good? The answer is: absolutely. In its segment, Tudor watches are among the best. It’s difficult to speak about quality, but once you try on a Tudor watch, you will understand what so many people mean.

Is Tudor COSC certified?

On the other hand, all of Tudor’s watches are COSC chronometer-certified, but they still flaunt that their movements are more accurate than the standards. You should note that the COSC standard accuracy results in watches having a 99.994% precision.

Does Tudor hold value like Rolex?

The brand also plays an important role here, but naturally, Tudor does not have a brand that is as strong as Rolex. The secondhand prices of Tudor watches are driven by supply and demand. As such, not all Tudor watches have the same demand, and thus they won’t hold their value as well as more popular models.

When was the Tudor North flag discontinued?

What is the Tudor Fastrider watch collection?

The Tudor Fastrider watch collection as a whole began in 2011 when Tudor announced their relationship with Italian motorcycle maker Ducati. The Fastrider is more or less the official timepiece of the popular enthusiast bike brand with a modern design meant to echo the sentiments of both Tudor and Ducati.

Is the Tudor Fastrider black shield the best monobloc ceramic case?

Tudor quietly developed a process for cutting a monobloc case in black ceramic with detailing on par with that of metal cases. While there are no shortage of timepieces out there with ceramic cases, that of the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield stands up there with the best.

What kind of strap does Tudor use?

To match the matte-black ceramic case and high contrast dial, Tudor offers either a black leather strap with white contrast stitching or a rubber one – each on the brand’s typically exemplary-for-the-price folding and locking deployant clasp.