Do Orcs eat humans?

Do Orcs eat humans?

Quick Answer. Whales do not eat people. Many whales do not even have teeth but, instead, filter their food from water. Orca whales eat large marine mammals, such as seals, walruses and even other whales; however, there has never been a recorded incident in which a whale consumed a human for food.

Do Orcs have free will?

Orc bodies were so evil that it would not allow Orcs to do anything but evil. So in theory the Orcs do have free will, but in application their evil bodies made it impossible for them to exercise the free will.

Are orcs= to humans in strength?

Orcs are physically stronger than humans in general according to WC3. A move peasants against peons, peons will win all the time. The same goes for grunts vs footmen. Base stats of playable races show orcs having 23 strength, humans have 20 strength. Orcs in general are most definitely stronger.