Does 2012 Ford Focus have transmission problems?

Does 2012 Ford Focus have transmission problems?

2012 Ford Focus: Transmission Problems Transmission issues make up almost half of the complaints about this model, with many owners reporting shuddering, vibration, and shifting problems.

Is there a recall on 2012 Ford Focus transmission?

The 2012-16 Focus and 2011-16 Fiesta equipped with the DPS6 have been the subject of 18 recalls for a range of defects, but none for transmission repair. Ford has conducted customer service programs for updates and replacement parts and has extended the warranty on the transmissions.

How do you reset the transmission control module on a 2012 Ford Focus?

You can reset the transmission by turning the ignition key to the “2” position or “run” position. Press the gas pedal to the floor. Wait. Turn the key to the “off” position.

Do Ford Focus have transmission problems?

Despite all of these accolades, there remains one unavoidable issue that the latest generation of Ford Focus (2011-2018) suffers from, and that is perpetual transmission problems. Ford’s PowerShift transmission is, on paper, an incredibly advanced design for something that is available in a basic compact car.

How much does it cost to replace a Ford Focus transmission?

The cost of a new 2019 Ford Focus transmission could be over $3,500 depending on the car, however, transmission services such as fluid changes and a transmission fluid flush are considerably less lavish, in some cases costing less than $150.

Which Ford models have transmission problems?

The Ford vehicles that have the most transmission problems are the 2011 through 2016 Fiesta, and the 2012 through 2016 Focus. The transmission problems pop up if you have the PowerShift transmission, which was Ford’s version of a dual-clutch transmission.

What years did Ford Focus have transmission problems?

The Ford Focus transmission problems hit the vehicles marketed between 2010 and 2016. All the affected cars belonged to Focus, Fiesta, and EcoSport models equipped with a Powershift automatic transmission.

Where is the transmission control module on a 2012 Ford Focus?

The transmission control module for most models of ford focus vehicles is typically located on the exterior of the transmission housing.

How do I reset my Ford transmission malfunction?

How to Reset Ford Transmission

  1. Step 1: Start the vehicle’s engine.
  2. Step 2: Put the vehicle’s gearbox in neutral.
  3. Step 3: Put the vehicle in park mode.
  4. Step 4: Again start your car.
  5. Step 5: Turn off the vehicle.
  6. Step 6: You are ready!

What years did Ford have transmission problems?

Is a 2012 Ford Focus a good car?

The 2012 Focus is a fun car to drive, especially if it’s the Titanium trim level with the Titanium Handling package. The 2.0-liter engine isn’t as much of a standout, but it offers competitive performance and fuel economy.

What is the signs of a bad transmission?

Transmission Trouble: 10 Warning Signs You Need Repair

  • Refusal to Switch Gears. If your vehicle refuses or struggles to change gears, you’re more than likely facing a problem with your transmission system.
  • Burning Smell.
  • Neutral Noises.
  • Slipping Gears.
  • Dragging Clutch.
  • Leaking Fluid.
  • Check Engine Light.
  • Grinding or Shaking.

What are some common problems with the 2012 Ford Focus?

The most-reported problem with the 2012 Ford Focus has to do with the vehicle’s transmission with a total of 110 complaints. Transmission’s problems ranged from some shudder to shifting issues to a complete engine failure. Most owners reported that the engine would start shuddering suddenly without any previous warnings or signs.

When did your 2012 focus start to slip?

My 2012 Focus hatchback started to slip around 3 weeks after I bought it and I considered selling it back for to ford but I paid 16 for it and literally 3 weeks later they were willing to give me 9 which is sh*t. Never buy a ford even the manuals have issues as well.

What kind of transmission does the 2012 Ford Focus have?

The standard 2012 Ford Focus comes with a 2.0 L four-cylinder engine associated with a five-speed manual transmission with another option of six-speed automatic transmission. Several owners mentioned that while the six-speed transmission is better, it can be slower to shift, especially when more power is needed.

What was the worst year for the Ford Focus?

2012 Ford Focus is ranked as the worst generation for all Ford Focus cars lines since 1990, according to Car complaints is a website created to help any vehicle owner-report problems to help educate other new buyers or current owners about what problems they might face along with the repair options and costs.