Does a liquid have a undefined shape?

Does a liquid have a undefined shape?

Liquids and gases both have an undefined shape but liquids have a fixed volume while gases do not.

Is liquid has definite size?

A liquid has definite size (or volume) but indefinite shape. It takes the shape of its container but its volume remains the same irrespective of the size of the container. The particles of a liquid are not as closely packed as those of solid. The interaction between them is weak which allows liquids to flow freely.

What solids have a definite shape?

Table 8.2 Characteristics of the Three States of Matter

Characteristic Solid Gas
shape definite indefinite
volume definite indefinite
relative intermolecular interaction strength strong weak
relative particle positions in contact and fixed in place not in contact, random positions

Does gas have shape?

Matter is made of small particles of atoms or molecules. There are three common states of matter, solid, liquid and gas. A gas and a liquid will change shape to fit the shape of their container….Liquids Solids and Gases:

Definite shape definite volume
gas no no

What gives liquid its shape?

The attraction between the particles in a liquid keeps the volume of the liquid constant. The movement of the particles causes the liquid to be variable in shape. Liquids will flow and fill the lowest portion of a container, taking on the shape of the container but not changing in volume.

Why do Liquids have a fixed volume but not a fixed shape?

Liquids occupy a fixed volume but no fixed shape. This is because the particles in the liquid state are not packed closely and also arranged disorderly. There are spaces between the particles, that is, the particles are bound by loose intra-molecular forces of attraction.

What is a definite shape?

Solids have a definite shape and volume. Liquids have a definite volume, but take the shape of the container. Gases have no definite shape or volume.

Do liquids have mass?

Liquids do not have definite shape, but they do have definite mass and volume. Liquids are similar to solids because their atoms are close together, but what makes a liquid different is that those atoms can move around.

Is a liquid definite or indefinite?

A solid has definite volume and shape, a liquid has a definite volume but no definite shape, and a gas has neither a definite volume nor shape.

Why a solid has a definite shape but a liquid does not?

Solution : (a) Solids have definite shape and definite volume because the molecules in solid are closely packed and in fixed positions. The molecules can move around and the forces of attraction between molecules is less as compared to solids, so the liquid takes the shape of the container and volume is definite.

What is a liquid molecule?

A liquid is a fluid. Unlike a solid, the molecules in a liquid have a much greater freedom to move. The forces that bind the molecules together in a solid are only temporary in a liquid, allowing a liquid to flow while a solid remains rigid. A liquid, like a gas, displays the properties of a fluid.

What is the shape of solid liquid and gas?

Why do liquids have indefinite shape but definite volume?

In a liquid, the particles are still in close contact, so liquids have a definite volume. However, because the particles can move about each other rather freely , a liquid has no definite shape and takes a shape dictated by its container.

Why do liquids have fixed volume but no fixed shape?

LIquid have fixed volume but not the fixed shape because it has less force of attraction . It is the property of liquids. The molecules of the liquids are loosely bound. So, the liquid can take the shape of the container. But the volume of the liquid is fixed.

Do liquids have a shape of its own?

• Liquids do not have their own shape. • The atoms in a liquid are giving each other a little personal space. • Liquids take the shape of their container. • Liquids take up space and have mass.

What determines a liquid’s shape?

In a liquid, the particles are more loosely packed than in a solid and are able to flow around each other, giving the liquid an indefinite shape . Therefore, the liquid will conform to the shape of its container.