Does Fingerhut have online catalog?

Does Fingerhut have online catalog?

You can shop our latest digital catalog below. You can also shop from our entire collection of our brands and products using the Shop by Department button above. Get your own Fingerhut printed catalog delivered right to your home! Catalogs arrive within 2 weeks of your request.

What products does Fingerhut sell?


  • Electronics.
  • Audio.
  • Batteries.
  • Cameras & Camcorders.
  • Car Electronics.
  • Cell Phones.
  • Computers & Laptops.
  • Drones.

Can I use my Fingerhut credit card at Walmart?

For Fingerhut only: This card can only be used for purchases from Fingerhut, or for offers from select Fingerhut partners. Before making purchases you should check with other retailers, like Walmart and Amazon, to make sure you’re getting the best available price.

What happened to Fingerhut?

In 1952, the business repositioned itself as a mail order catalog company and diversified its goods to include towels, dishes, and tools. In 1969 the company went public. The Fingerhut family was no longer involved in the business after 1979….Fingerhut.

Type Subsidiary, Private

How do I contact Fingerhut?

1 (800) 208-2500
Fingerhut/Customer service

What is the highest credit limit for Fingerhut?

The Fingerhut Credit Card credit limit is usually around $300 to start, according to forum posts, and some cardholders report limits as high as $3,500.

Where else can I use my Fingerhut account?

Fingerhut Credit Can Only Be Used with Select Partners However, an additional feature of the Fingerhut credit accounts is the chance to use spending power outside of Fingerhut’s catalog and website. Among the select partners that honor Fingerhut credit accounts are florists and insurance companies.

Are Blair and Fingerhut the same company?

About BLST The Company, which operates its portfolio under Bluestem Brands, offers a broad selection of name-brand and private-label general merchandise through seven retail brands: Appleseed’s, Blair, Draper’s & Damon’s, Gettington, Fingerhut, Haband and Old Pueblo Traders.

What bank owns Fingerhut?

There is the Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit Account issued by WebBank and the Fingerhut FreshStart® Credit Account issued by WebBank. The Fingerhut Revolving account may or may not require a one-time down payment when you place your first order.

What is Fingerhut email address?

[email protected]
To receive specific information in paper form, or to notify us of a change in your email address, contact us at [email protected].

Where else can I use my Fingerhut credit?

WebBank/Fingerhut Credit can be used to buy thousands of products on, the Fingerhut catalog and over the phone. You may also use your WebBank/Fingerhut credit to make purchases with select Fingerhut partners. You will receive offers from these partners from time to time.

How do I get a catalog from Fingerhut?

You can order a Fingerhut catalog by visiting and clicking on the Request A Catalog link under the Customer Service heading. Enter your name and address into the online form and click the Submit button.

How can you order a Fingerhut catalog?

How do I get a catalog from Fingerhut? Open a web browser on your computer. Go to the Fingerhut website . Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on “Request a Catalog .” Click on “Order a Fingerhut Catalog ” to request a catalog by mail. Click on “Checkout Now” to process the request. Enter in your address information and payment information.

What is online catalog?

An online library catalog is an electronic bibliographic database that describes the books, videotapes, periodicals, etc. carried by a particular library. The online library catalog evolved from a printed source, the library card catalog.