Does Laurie and Travis date?

Does Laurie and Travis date?

What people do seem bothered by, instead, is the romance of Travis and Laurie ( After years of pining after Laurie, his mother’s former employee and close friend, Travis earned her affections this season, sealing their romantic relationship with the labored-over “perfect kiss” in Tuesday night’s season finale.

How old was Travis in Cougar Town?

At the age of 40, real estate agent Jules Cobb has an 18-year-old son named Travis, a slacker ex-husband named Bobby and self-esteem that’s flagging as her body does the same.

What episode does Travis and Laurie kiss?

‘Cougar Town’ Finale: Travis And Laurie’s First Kiss.

What did Laurie and Travis name their baby?

Bobby Cobb II was born to Laurie Keller and Travis Cobb in ‘Full Grown Boy”. He is named after his paternal grandfather, Bobby Cobb.

Who does Laurie end up with in Cougar Town?

By the end of the series, Laurie and Travis ended up dating and having a baby together. Philipps previously opened up to PEOPLE about bidding an emotional farewell to the show. “Cougar Town just ended, so I’ve been crying for like three weeks,” she said in 2015.

Why did Jules and Bobby divorce?

Jules married her college sweetheart Bobby Cobb. Although the two divorced due to Bobby’s infidelity, the two remain close friends.

Is Tampa Grayson’s daughter?

Tampa is the one-year-old daughter of Grayson and Holly, and the result of a one night stand during his sexually promiscuous phase. Since discovering her existence, Grayson has visitation rights with Tampa.

Do Jules and Grayson have a baby?

At the start of season 3, Grayson proposed to Jules, who gladly accepted. They got married soon after, and later moved in together in Jules’ house, while Grayson sold his. While still wanting children, Grayson discovered that he fathered a daughter, Tampa, during a previous one-night-stand.

What episode do Jules and Grayson kiss?

Jules & Grayson kiss as an elopement is planned on Cougar Town. “My Life/Your World” is the 14th episode of the show’s third season.

Does Jules get pregnant in cougartown?

They later rekindle their relationship and soon become very close again. She was 19 and had just started college when she got pregnant. Soon afterwards she dropped out and married Bobby Cobb, with him she had their son, Travis.

Does Jules and Grayson have a baby?