Does ProtonMail work with iOS?

Does ProtonMail work with iOS?

Easily read, respond to, and organize all your messages on the iOS app. Our application for iOS gives you the same easy-to-use ProtonMail experience you expect from our web app on your iPhone.

Is ProtonMail legal in USA?

Because we are a Swiss company and store all your data on servers in data centers in Switzerland, ProtonMail is not subject to US laws. Any request from foreign law enforcement needs to be approved by a Swiss authorities.

Is ProtonMail legitimate?

ProtonMail is the world’s largest secure email service. It offers end-to-end encryption and lots of other great security features to keep your communications private. Even the company hosting your emails has no way of reading them, so you can rest assured that they can’t be read by third parties either.

Is ProtonMail banned in China?

It is currently not planned because Huawei is a Chinese company and ProtonMail and ProtonVPN are both banned in China because we don’t allow Chinese government spying.

Can I use ProtonMail with Apple Mail?

It allows you to fully integrate your ProtonMail account with a third-party client that supports IMAP and SMTP protocols, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail. ProtonMail also offers applications for iOS and Android for easy access on your mobile device.

Can police track ProtonMail?

ProtonMail doesn’t require any personal details to sign up, so your account is essentially anonymous. This anonymity only goes so far though, if you want true privacy you should practice proper OPSEC, or Operational Security. This means that ProtonMail can’t access or analyse your emails at all, or hand over that data.

Is ProtonMail a Hipaa?

ProtonMail is a HIPAA compliant email service developed by CERN scientists. It uses OpenPGP end-to-end encryption to ensure that only authorized personnel within your organization and your business associates can access PHI data.

Does Surfshark work in China?

Surfshark Surfshark now works in China as of 2019, which is great news for people who want to binge watch their favorite shows from western streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

Is ProtonVPN good for China?

ProtonVPN has a good number of servers close to China. To use ProtonVPN in China, seeing as some of the server locations may be restricted, you may need to contact customer care support via email so that they can give you a recommended list of servers that are functional in China. Great news, ProtonVPN has a free plan!

Does ProtonMail have a Mac app?

Download and Installation. Download and install the ProtonMail IMAP/SMTP Bridge to use your encrypted email account with any email client. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Is there a desktop app for ProtonMail?

If you use Chrome or Brave browser, you can access ProtonMail directly from your desktop. By creating a shortcut on your desktop, you can quickly open ProtonMail in “window mode” — a browser window for your mailbox that looks much like a desktop app. First, log in to your account on

Who are we at ProtonMail?

We are scientists, engineers, and developers working to protect civil liberties online. ProtonMail was founded in 2013 by scientists who met at CERN and were drawn together by a shared vision of a more secure and private Internet. Since then, ProtonMail has evolved into a global effort to protect civil liberties and build a more secure Internet,…

How does the ProtonMail Bridge work with email clients?

The Bridge communicates with ProtonMail’s encrypted email server via our API, which supports end-to-end encryption, while email clients can communicate directly with the Bridge via standard IMAP and SMTP. In this way, standard email clients which do not natively support end-to-end encryption can support encryption without modification.

How do I setup ProtonMail on my computer?

The setup process consists of: Adding your ProtonMail account to your email client (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook) Configuring your email client’s settings (ports, password, etc). Currently, the officially supported email clients are Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Outlook, on both Windows and MacOS (Linux is coming in Spring of 2018).

Does ProtonMail support end-to-end encryption?

As a result, all encryption and decryption occur locally and thus the benefits of end-to-end encryption remain. The Bridge communicates with ProtonMail’s encrypted email server via our API, which supports end-to-end encryption, while email clients can communicate directly with the Bridge via standard IMAP and SMTP.