Does Yankee Candle make hand sanitizer?

Does Yankee Candle make hand sanitizer?

Like other hand sanitizers out there, Yankee Candle™ Gel Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer kills up to 99.99% of most common household germs. Our gel hand sanitizer is FDA-registered and comes in a convenient 4-ounce size that makes it easy to keep with you on the go.

What brands of hand sanitizer are made in the USA?

Top Manufacturers of Consumer Hand Sanitizer

Brand 2019 Sales
1 Private Label 113.1
2 Purell® Advanced 36.7
3 Germ-X® 18
4 Wet Ones® 17.7

Where is Germx manufactured?

Meanwhile, Germ-X, another popular hand sanitizer, is made by Vi-Jon. The company has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Smyrna, Tennessee, and St. Louis.

Where is Purell manufacturer?

Purell hand sanitizer is manufactured in Wooster and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and in France, according to the company.

Where is Purell made?

Where are Vi-Jon products made?

Vi-Jon celebrates 100 years of business in 2008. During that time, it has grown to five manufacturing and distribution centers in St. Louis and Smyrna, Tennessee.

Who owns Purell brand?

Gojo Industries
During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, GOJO faced unprecedented demand for Purell products due to its reputation as a leading name-brand for hand sanitizer….Purell.

Purell hand sanitizer
Product type Hand sanitizer
Owner Gojo Industries
Country United States
Introduced 1997

What company owns Purell brand?

GOJO Industries, Inc.
GOJO Industries, Inc. Health & Hygiene Products: THE INVENTORS OF PURELL™

Where is Gojo manufactured?

GOJO’s main manufacturing and distribution facilities are at its Lippman Campus in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Who owns Vi-Jon?

GreatBanc Trust Company
Vi-Jon, Inc./Parent organizations

Is Gojo and Purell the same company?

Gojo Industries, the company that makes Purell, is a family-owned business that started in Ohio in 1946 and invented Purell hand sanitizer in 1988.

Who owns Purell company?