Free Download Spotify Dowloader App For Android-IOS (2019)

Free Download Spotify Dowloader App For Android-IOS (2019)

If you love listening to music or songs then I am sure that already you are aware of Spotify application. And if not then just don’t worry because here I am to make aware of this amazing application. 

Spotify is an online platform available for different devices like android, pc, mac where people from all over the world come with the intention of listening to some interesting songs and music.

You might be wondering to know that Spotify has a collection of more than a billion songs on it share by a different artist in a different language from a different country. Current it has a fan base of around 40 million internet users from all over the world.

As we all know Spotify downloader mostly known for their amazing feature which just blows the users experiences and that’s the reason why people just love this application.

Spotify allows the accessibility of its features and services in two versions free and premium wherein the free version you would be able to listen songs only but if you want some more features like downloading songs, getting a good sound quality then you will have to go for the premium version.

Although, Spotify fills all the requirement of their user but here is one thing of it which sometimes makes people irritated. And that one is the downloading songs from it. Songs on Spotify are protected with DRM security means one cannot access the downloaded songs from Spotify to any other third party application installed in a device.

And if you are one who wants the solution of this problem then just stay tuned with me in this article because I am going to share an application which will help you to download songs from Spotify which will be accessible to any application in your device.

Free Download Spotify Downloader App for Android and IOS

As above we’ve seen that Spotify songs are protected with DRM security that’s why they are not accessible out of the Spotify application even after downloading.

But here is an application called Spotify Downloader app available for Android which allows you to download the songs from Spotify by breaking the DRM security.

This application is mainly available for android only but if you want to download songs in your IOS device then you can different alternatives to it which I am going to discuss here.

Download Songs on Android

For downloading a song on android from Spotify application we will use an application called Spotify downloader and for IOS we will use another application.

  1. Download Spotify and Spotify Downloader. You may get Spotify downloader app from Aptoid or Getjar.
  2. Then open Spotify application, login into it. Find the song you want to download, add it in a playlist.
  3. Click on your account profile than on the top right corner, click on three points button and then click on share and select copy the link.
  4. Once you have done all the steps, open Spotify downloader, as you will open it, it will ask you for user id. And here is how you will get user id…
    1. Paste the copied link in a box then cut the id part and then make empty the box and paste the user id in it which you have got form the link.

Download Songs on IOS

To download the songs on IOS from Spotify, you can use this application called KeepVid Music where you just have to copy the URL from Spotify and paste in the box given in this tool.

As simple as that.


Let’s wrap up…

Above we have seen a very simple method for downloading songs from Spotify application on android and IOS both which can access to any third party songs playing application.