How can a person register with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training?

How can a person register with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training?

Before you can become an apprentice in Alberta, you need to:

  1. research and choose a trade.
  2. confirm you meet eligibility requirements for apprenticeship training.
  3. find an employer.
  4. complete the apprenticeship application with your employer through Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT)’s online service, MyTradesecrets.

Are AIT exams Cancelled?

Apprenticeship and Industry Training has suspended period examinations for the 2021/2022 school year. These students will have to write the associated period exam at an AIT office and complete any practical exams as required if they register as an apprentice.

How do I get an Alberta Blue Book for an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship Record Book (blue book) Once you have registered with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) and your employer and you have signed your contract, you will receive a record book (blue book). Your blue book will help you record the following: hours worked. apprenticeship hour credits.

What is the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board responsible for?

The board’s primary responsibility is to establish the standards and requirements for the training and certification of persons in designated trades and occupations. It also provides advice and recommendations to the Minister about the needs of the Alberta labour market for skilled and trained persons.

Can you do an apprenticeship without going to college?

You can be any age to do an apprenticeship Most people think that an apprenticeship is only for those that have just left school or college but actually you can be any age to do an apprenticeship. We’ve helped people in their 60s find a job.

Do apprentices get paid in Alberta?

Apprentices are paid a percentage of a journeyperson’s wage rate, which increases with each successful year of training. The percentages vary by trade. The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum found that employers receive a net benefit of $1.47 for every $1 spent on apprenticeship training.

What happens if you fail apprenticeship exam?

If the FSQ has been failed, your training provider will need to provide further training as soon as possible to enable the apprentice to re-sit and pass the FSQ so that they can successfully achieve their apprenticeship.

What is an AIT exam?

The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) Exam is a multi-purpose exam used for entrance into collegiate degree programs as well as trade apprenticeships. The AIT Exam is recognized in Alberta, Nunavut Territory, Yukon, and Northwest Territory. You can fully prepare for this test online with JobTestPrep.

Is it hard to get an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships involve a lot of hard work and most of it is meant to be done on your time. In short, you are left to your own devices for the most part and you have to make the effort to arrange the time to do your coursework. If you have no experience in doing this, this can be difficult to adjust to.

What does it mean when apprenticeship training is called industry driven?

Industry-Driven. Alberta’s apprenticeship and industry training system is an industry-driven system that ensures a highly skilled, internationally competitive workforce in more than 50 designated trades and occupations.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the local apprenticeship committee?

The Board’s primary responsibility is to set the standards and requirements for training and certification in programs under the Act. It takes a leadership role with industry in the discussion of major issues that affect the apprenticeship and industry training system.

Who pays for apprenticeship training?

Apprenticeship funding is available for employers from the government. The size of the funding you will receive varies depending on whether you pay the apprenticeship levy or not. Prior to 1st April 2019, non-levy paying companies had to pay 10% of the cost of training and assessing each apprentice.

What is albertalberta apprenticeship and industry training doing for apprentices?

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training is participating in two national initiatives geared to the success of Canadian apprentices, whether they complete their training in Alberta or choose to move to another Canadian province or territory.

What kind of services does the Alberta trade centre offer?

The Centre offers a variety of programs and services including training, disaster reception, a museum and research partnerships. How to pay for apprenticeship training Find options to help pay for apprenticeship training in a designated trade. Recognized trade credentials in Alberta

Why choose Sait for your apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships and Trades SAIT is renowned for providing a first-class education in a variety of trades. Classes combine the formal instruction and hands-on technical training needed, to start working towards becoming a qualified journeyperson in any one of more than 30 trades.

How many trades are there in Alberta?

There are 50+ trades and occupations in Alberta to choose from. What’s an apprenticeship? Who is eligible? Interested in learning an Alberta trade or occupation?