How can I get cheap Hoyts tickets?

How can I get cheap Hoyts tickets?

How It Works

  1. Login to my Optus App.
  2. Head to HOYTS. Click Book Now to head to
  3. Select your favourite cinema, movie and session and purchase your discounted tickets.

Do Hoyts have concession tickets?

Where concession tickets are purchased, suitable identification must be presented upon collection of the tickets. Movie tickets can be purchased on Site in cinema by cash, credit card, HOYTS gift card or HOYTS movie voucher.

What is Xtreme screen Hoyts?

HOYTS Xtremescreen is the largest auditorium in your local HOYTS complex and boasts the biggest and loudest cinema experience on offer. See the latest release movies on a gigantic screen with the biggest and best sound in the complex that will blow you away!! Here’s where you can find HOYTS Xtremescreen.

Is HOYTS cheaper on Tuesday?

The offer is for one transaction for standard Tuesday general adult admission tickets for $11 (eBay Tuesdays Offer), offered at any HOYTS cinemas nationally. Booking fees and surcharges may apply – see clauses 10 and 11 below for details.

How much does it cost for a HOYTS movie ticket?

Hoyts Ticket Prices (AUS)

Children $18.50 – $19.50
Adults $23.50 – $25.00
Seniors $15.50 – $16.50
Student / Concession $20.00 – $22.00

How much does it cost for a family to go to the movies?

The average movie ticket price is $8.65. At that price, an average family of four can go to the movies for $34.60. A total of 1.32 billion tickets were sold last year, which added up to $38.6 billion in global box office.

What is a concession ticket?

A ticket type labeled “Concession” may vary from event to event. It may refer to a student or senior and offer a discounted ticket price. Most promoters will note what qualifies as a Concession on the ticket purchase page.

Do you have to wear a mask while watching a film in the cinema?

Yes, Boris Johnson confirmed that the public must wear a mask in the cinema in England unless they are exempt. However, they were careful to clarify that people will not need to show proof of double vaccination or a Covid pass (as they’re known) to visit a cinema.

What does NFT mean Hoyts?

no free tickets
Certain screenings may be subject to a “no free list” or “no free tickets” (NFT) restriction, which HOYTS may apply at its discretion. HOYTS will not accept complimentary tickets for screenings where a NFT restriction applies.

How much does Xtreme screen cost?

Hoyts Ticket Prices (AUS)

Xtreme Screen
Children $18.50 – $19.50
Adults $23.50 – $25.00
Seniors $15.50 – $16.50

What offers are available at Hoyts Cinemas?

Some common offers at Hoyts cinemas include: Prams at the Pix – All tickets for just $11 with kids under 5 years completely FREE – details Optus Perks – Discounted movie tickets from $11.50 for adults, $9 for children, and $26 for LUX – details HSBC Wednesdays – 2-for-1 tickets at any Hoyts, for any movie, every Wednesday – details

How much does it cost to go to Hoyts?

NB: Booking fees apply to all tickets purchased online. NZ – $1.50 General Admission and $3.00 for HOYTS LUX. Surcharges apply for 3D & Xtremescreen sessions – Click here for applicable charges.

What is Super Tuesday at Hoyts?

Fortunately, Hoyts hasn’t shied away from the worldwide phenomenon of cheap movie Tuesday. On all of their tickets across the board, you’ll find they’ve all been discounted on Tuesday. Hoyts have coined the term for these discounted tickets as – Super Tuesday.

What are the different tiers of the Hoyts Rewards program?

There are two tiers of the program as follows: Silver – $13 annually – 10% back in Hoyts dollars on most purchases, FREE movie ticket upon joining, discounted movies of the week, pre-sale tickets on selected movies, Monday-Friday day pricing for seniors, and Free extra scoop of Ben & Jerry’s with a purchase