How can I watch Comcast Sportsnet in Philadelphia?

How can I watch Comcast Sportsnet in Philadelphia?

You can watch NBC Sports Philadelphia through fuboTV online or on your TV using a supported streaming device like a Roku or Fire TV Stick.

Does Xfinity have NBC Sports Philadelphia?

Despite this, NBC Sports Philadelphia is carried by Comcast Xfinity and Verizon FiOS in Ocean County (within their New York service areas), Cablevision in Monmouth County (within its Allentown service area), Comcast in Lambertville and by Service Electric in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

How can I get NBC Sports Philly?

Yes, Hulu Live TV includes NBC Sports Philadelphia as part of their Hulu Live TV package. The service costs $64.99, after a 7-Day Free Trial. When you subscribe to Hulu Live TV you can stream NBC Sports Philadelphia to watch Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Flyers games.

Can you stream NBC Sports Philadelphia?

A few of the best streaming services you can watch NBC Sports Philadelphia on include YouTube TV, Sling, fuboTV, and Hulu Live.

How do I watch Comcast SportsNet?

Another good way to watch the Comcast SportsNet live stream is with PlayStation Vue. Like fuboTV, PlayStation Vue also offers a cloud-based DVR, so you won’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows. The starter package is available with around 45 channels, but packages are available with more than 90 channels.

What channel is Nbcsp?


Dish Network Channel 159
DirecTV Channel 220 (SD/HD) Channel 1220 (VOD)
U-verse TV Channel 640 (SD) Channel 1640 (HD)

What is Comcast SportsNet called now?

The networks were originally established as Comcast SportsNet (CSN), a unit of Comcast’s cable television business, beginning with a network in Philadelphia which launched in 1997….NBC Sports Regional Networks.

Launched October 1, 1997
Former names Comcast SportsNet (CSN) (1997–2017)

Can I get Comcast SportsNet without cable?

You don’t need cable to watch Comcast SportsNet online! That’s right you can watch Comcast SportsNet online without cable.

What channel is NBC in Philly?


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Channels Digital: 28 (UHF) (shared with WWSI) Virtual: 10
Branding NBC 10
Affiliations 10.1: NBC (O&O) 10.2: Cozi TV 10.3: Lx

Can Comcast stream SportsNet?

You will be able to watch Comcast SportsNet online free if it’s available in your area, by signing up for the PlayStation Vue 7-day free trial. It’s also important to note that PS Vue includes mobile restrictions in their package.

What streaming service has Philadelphia?

Right now you can watch Philadelphia on Amazon Prime. You are able to stream Philadelphia by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

How can I watch the Philadelphia Flyers without cable?


  1. NBC Sports Philadelphia. 57 of 82 Flyers games will be broadcasted locally on NBC Sports Philadelphia.
  2. TNT. 5 of 82 Flyers games will be broadcasted nationally on TNT.
  3. ESPN/ESPN+ 6 of 82 Flyers games will be broadcasted on ESPN or ESPN+
  4. ABC. 2 of 82 Flyers games will be broadcasted nationally on ABC.

What channel is the Phillies on Comcast?

The Comcast Network is located on: Channel 8 on Comcast Xfinity, Channel 846 on Xfinity HD and Channel 99 on Verizon FIOS. Replays air on Comcast SportsNet and TCN (view this week’s showtimes) as well as on Xfinity On Demand (Get Local > Sports > The Comcast Network > Phillies Nation).

What channel is CBS Sports on Comcast?

CBS SN is on channel 412 on Comcast. Channel 7 is the regular CBS channel .

Does DirecTV have Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia?

Comcast has denied access to Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia to DirecTV and DISH but given it to other competitors, including Verizon and RCN. “We remain willing to discuss carriage of Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia with DISH Network.