How did singer Chitra daughter passed away?

How did singer Chitra daughter passed away?

The child was barely 9 years old when she accidentally drowned in a swimming pool. Chithra received the devastating news while she was performing at AR Rahman’s concert in Dubai. The evergreen singer took to Facebook to share an emotional yet powerful message on her death anniversary, April 14, 2011.

Is singer Chitra daughter Down syndrome?

K. S. Chithra is one of the legendary playback singers of the country. She made her debut in Malayalam songs. Chithra had a daughter who had down syndrome. The child passed away in 2011, drowning in a swimming pool.

Who is the husband of KS Chithra?

Vijay Shankar
K. S. Chithra/Husband

When was Chitra’s daughter born?

Nandana was born to Chithra and husband Vijaya Shankar in 2002. On April 11, 2011, she died after drowning in a swimming pool in Dubai. At that time the child was just nine years old. The post has attracted birthday wishes from her fans on the FB page.

Is chithra died?

Deceased (1992–2020)
V. J. Chitra/Living or Deceased

How many songs did Chitra sing?

Chithra has sung over 25,000 songs in number of Indian languages. But predominately she works in South Indian film industry. Chithra has the fame of working with huge number of music directors across India. She has recorded maximum number of songs to the music directors like A. R.

How old is Chitra?

58 years (July 27, 1963)
K. S. Chithra/Age

How many songs Lata Mangeshkar sang today?

Lata Mangeshkar turns 88: The nightingale, with 25,000 songs in over seven decades, is a gift that keeps giving | Entertainment News,The Indian Express.

How old is KS Chitra?

Where is VJ Chitra husband?

VJ Chitra, who was loved by Tamil television serial fans, was found dead at a hotel room in Chennai’s Nazarathpettai on December 9. Her husband Hemnath, who was present with her in the room, claimed that he was not present inside the room when the actor died by suicide.

What is the meaning of name Chitra?

In Hindi Baby Names the meaning of the name Chitra is: Bright.

What happened to KS Chitra’s daughter?

The eight-year-old daughter of popular Indian playback singer, KS Chitra, drowned in an Emirates Hills swimming pool.

Where did Chitra Shankar stay in Dubai for her daughter’s funeral?

The family had opted to stay at the villa instead of a hotel in Bur Dubai, where the organisers had lodged other singers. Chitra and her husband, Vijaya Shankar, flew back to India with their daughter’s body on Thursday night, after the Indian consulate helped complete the necessary formalities. The funeral took place on Friday.

What happened to the Indian playback singer’s daughter?

What happened next left thousands of the popular Indian playback singer’s fans in mourning for the eight-year-old girl, who drowned on Thursday after wandering outside the private villa at Emirates Hills where they were staying, and falling into a swimming pool.

What happened to Nandana Chithra?

Chithra was in Dubai to participate in an A.R. Rahman show and Nandana who was left in their gated community villa was watching TV but had opened the unlocked door helped herself out and being fond of water went to the swimming pool but within minutes drowned herself.