How do I apply for a Thai passport?

How do I apply for a Thai passport?

Required Documents to be submitted

  1. E-Passport Application Form [Download]
  2. Your current passport with a photocopy or local police report in case of lost or stolen passport.
  3. A valid original Thai Citizenship ID card with a photocopy.
  4. A copy of Thai House Registration with a 13-digit identification number (if applicable)

Can you apply for Thai passport online?

A completed and signed E-passport Application Form; Thai Birth Certificate; Photocopy of parents’ passports; Parents’ Marriage Certificate (if applicable);

How long does it take to get Thai passport?

approximately 3-4 weeks
How to receive Thai Passport All Thai passport is produced from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Department in Bangkok, Thailand and distribute via air mail to many countries around the world including Los Angeles. Normal processing to recipient will be approximately 3-4 weeks from the date applicant came in.

How much does a Thai passport cost?

Cost of Thai passport Official passport is 1,000 baht which can be claimed back upon submission of the receipt. Diplomatic passport is free of charge.

How strong is Thai passport?

The Thai passport is considered the 66th most powerful passport in terms of travel freedom, according to the Henley passport Index. Nationals of Thailand are able to travel to over 30 countries without a visa or by obtaining a visa on arrival.

Can a Thai have two passports?

Yes, Thai citizens are allowed to have dual nationality and own two passports. If you are born in Thailand and have at least one Thai parent, you automatically have Thai nationality and can apply for a Thai passport.

Where can I get Thai passport in Bangkok?

Thais applying for passports in Bangkok can go to Thanya Park Mall on Srinakarin Road. The service centre is on the second floor of E Zone of the mall (Call 02-136-3800/1). Another centre is on the fifth floor of Tesco Lotus hypermart, Pin Klao branch on Boromratchonnanee Road (02-433-0280–87).

What countries can Thai citizens go to without a visa?

This means that Thai nationals do not have visa-free access to many countries; to be more specific, they can enter 40 countries visa-free*….Visa on Arrival Requirements for Thai Citizens.

Country Allowed stay
Guinea-Bissau 90 days
Iran 30 days
Jordan 90 days
Kenya 90 days

How can a foreigner get a Thai passport?

A foreign person may acquire citizenship under the following conditions:

  1. He or she has reached legal age both in Thailand (20 years old) and their home country.
  2. Must be of good character and without major criminal or drug convictions in any country.

Why is Thai passport red?

The red arrow points to the Class of the visa, which may be: B (Business); O (Retirement or person with Thai family member); E (Education); T (Tourist); TR (Transit). The blue arrow points to where is shows whether the visa is for S (Single) or M (Multiple) entry.

Can you lose Thai Citizenship?

The 2017 constitution implemented by the military government provides further certainty to those who have acquired Thai and foreign citizenship from their parents. Section 39 of the Thai Constitution stipulates, “Revocation of Thai nationality from anyone who is Thai from birth shall be prohibited.”

How do I get a Thai passport in Thailand?

Who Is Eligible for Thai Citizenship by Naturalization?

  1. You are at least 18 years old.
  2. You have lived in Thailand as a Permanent Resident for at least five years before applying*.
  3. You must have been living in Thailand for those years on the same type of visa that you have at the time of application.

How to apply for Thai passport from overseas?

Guidelines Applying for Thai Passport from overseas- Thai Citizens who are applying for the passport, they must apply in person because the applicant must provide the biometric data

How do I add a minor to my Thai passport?

A copy of Thai House Registration that the minor has been added and assigned a 13-digit identification number, and a photocopy (this is exempted for the first passport) Thai Citizenship ID card or Thai House Registration with 13-digit identification number of parents, and a photocopy

What are the Thailand passport requirements for each age group?

The Thailand passport application requirements for each age group are as follows : The original valid Thai Citizenship I.D. Card, Government Official Identification Card or an identification card that complies with the rules of the Ministry of Interior. If the Government Official Identification Card does not contain a 13-digit Personal Number,

What to do if your Thai passport is lost or stolen?

Your current passport with a photocopy or local police report in case of lost or stolen passport. Original Thai Citizenship ID card or Thai House Registration with a 13-digit identification number, with a photocopy *If an applicant is assigned to the Central Registration, He/She must contact District Office in Thailand.