How do I Autospace in Visio?

How do I Autospace in Visio?

To use Auto Space

  1. Select the shapes you want to space, or click outside the diagram to remove any selection. If nothing is selected, all shapes will be affected.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Arrange group, click Position.
  3. Click Auto Space to move all selected shapes to a specified distance from neighboring shapes.

How do I create a hyperlink in Visio?

Link a shape to a website

  1. Select the shape that you want to link.
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Links group, select Hyperlink (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+K).
  3. Next to Address, select Browse, select Internet Address, and then find the website you want to link to.

What makes a SmartShape smart?

What is a Smart Shape? SmartShapes are graphical objects that have their own special handles that can be clicked or dragged on to customize the object. To see and use the handles on a SmartShape, select the object and go into the QuickShape Tool.

How do you align shapes?

Align shapes

  1. Press and hold CTRL and select each of the shapes you want to arrange.
  2. On the Shapes tab select the Arrange. button.
  3. From the Arrange menu select Align, and then what you’d like to do with the shapes.

How do I create a hyperlink in Visio 2010?

How to Insert Hyperlinks in Visio 2010

  1. One way is by right-clicking on the shape that you want to put a hyperlink on.
  2. Another quick way to bring up the Hyperlink dialog is by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Visio?

🌟 Is Microsoft Visio Free? No, Microsoft Visio is not a free tool. It comes with monthly or annual subscription plans as well as one-time software purchase for standard and professional versions licensed for 1 PC.

How do I reverse the direction of a door in Visio?

In Visio Professional, these shapes are also on the Walls, Shell And Structure stencil. To reverse the direction of the opening or door swing, right-click the shape, and then choose Reverse Left/Right Opening or Reverse In/Out Opening. To adjust the position of a door or window, drag it along the wall.

What is the difference between Visio standard and Visio Professional?

Visio Professional includes more shapes than Visio Standard, but all the shapes can be configured to represent different varieties of doors and windows. For example, you can use the Window Type field to specify louver, picture, pivot, single hung, and transom windows.

What are the display options for door and window shapes?

In Visio Professional, door and window shapes have additional display options that affect the appearance of all the shapes on the page. You can specify the components to display, such as the header and frame, with the Set Display Options command. You choose whether to display the following:

How do I enter door and window specifications?

Follow these steps to enter door and window specifications: Right-click any door or window shape, and then choose Set Display Options. Or choose the Set Display Options command from the Plan menu. Click the Doors tab, and then select the check boxes for the options you want to show on all the door shapes.