How do I create a PB account?

How do I create a PB account?


  1. Buddy can go to the official site first Point blank zepetto This is
  2. After that, my friend will see a menu in the upper right corner “Register / Register“Press the menu.

Is Point Blank still in Garena?

We would like to announce that Garena PH Point Blank will be terminated and Point Blank will keep traveling its journey in Philippines. Additionally, the game database server will be shutdown on 11th July 2019 which no game information storing between 11th – 15th July.

Where do I find my Zepetto ID?

  1. If you forgot your Zepetto ID, click this link:
  2. Type the email address of your Zepetto account on the EMAIL ADDRESS field.
  3. If you inputted the correct email address of your Zepetto account, the pop-up window below will appear.

How do I recover my point blank account?

You can visit and choose login menu, then under pop up, you can click forgot password. Enter your registered ID and Email, and new password will be sent to your registered email. How many players are able to play in a room in the game?

How do you play point blank?

  1. 1Register on going event.
  2. 2Register server that is available for you.
  3. 3Register channel on the chosen server.
  4. 4Your rank level, Exp, Point and Cash detail.
  5. 5Quick start / will make you automatically enter the game room.

How do I download point blank Zepetto?

  1. You can choose “Download” button from the main page or bar menu from website to access the Download Page.
  2. 1Full Client Download. 2Partial Client Download.
  3. 1Download 8 file Partial Client in the same folder. 2Unzip PointBlankInstall.part1.rar. 3After unzipping the file, run PointBlankInstall.exe Client.

How many GB is point blank?


LAST UPDATED 2021-11-05

How do you play point-blank Zepetto?

How do I download point-blank Zepetto?

What mean point blank?

Definition of point-blank 1a : marked by no appreciable drop below initial horizontal line of flight. b : so close to a target that a missile fired will travel in a straight line to the mark. 2 : direct, blunt a point-blank refusal.

How do I change my PB password?

You need to re-apply for a new Temporary ID and Password at your account holding branch.

How do you play point blank on PC?

How to Download and Play Point Blank: Strike on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Look for Point Blank: Strike in the search bar at the top right corner.
  3. Click to install Point Blank: Strike from the search results.
  4. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Point Blank: Strike.

How do I order from point blank pH?

1. Go to 2. Create an account, log-in, and choose Point Blank PH. GAMER only requires your mobile number to register. 3. Add to cart the item/s you want to purchase and proceed to checkout. The page for your orders will be shown.

How to activate point blank Zepetto pH with Uni pin?

1) Click this link: and log-in to your UNI PIN account. If in case you don’t have an account yet, register on their website first by clicking the LOG-IN/SIGN-UP button. 2) Choose Point Blank Zepetto PH under the “FLASH TOP UP” section.

How do I top up my mobile using point blank pH?

Go to Point Blank PH Top Up Page then, click on Gamer. 6. Input the voucher code sent on your mobile number then proceed to payment. 7. Once your purchase is confirmed, check your History and see your purchase transaction! This will teach you how to use the regular load/balance of your mobile network.

How do I pay for point blank cash? has an option to pay your purchased Point Blank Cash. Once successfully paid, the points will automatically credit to your Point Blank Account. 5. Once your purchase is confirmed]