How do I find my Army regulations?

How do I find my Army regulations?

Military regulations can also be found in the Code of Federal Regulations and its companion publication, the Federal Register. The Library has numerous complete sets of these.

Where can I find information on Army policy?

Information available at is consistent with Army and DoD policies and principles of information and contains information cleared for public release. Information intended for the internal Army audience is available through Army Knowledge Online (AKO) at

What happens if you have a child out of wedlock in the military?

Being in the military does not create any particular rules for establishing paternity. Commanders cannot order military members to support children born out of wedlock absent a court order, and they cannot order a member to undergo a DNA test (again, that’s a civilian court matter).

What regulation covers accountability?

AR 600-8-6 Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting.

Where can I get Army publications?

CMH publications are available, at no cost, for official educational, training, and commemorative purposes within the Army. Account holders can requisition publications and forms by going to the APD Web site, Go to the pull-down menu Order Pubs/Forms, and then select Ordering Portal.

What are military regulations?

official directives defining the goals, tasks, methods, and principles governing large units, units, and subunits of various branches and services of the armed forces during combat operations.

What publication covers Army history?

Army History: The Professional Bulletin of Army History This professional military magazine, published four times a year by the U.S. Army Center of Military History (CMH), is devoted to informing the military history community about new work on the Army’s history.

Which Army publication has information on policy?

Army Doctrine Publications (ADPs) are the backbone of the Army’s intellectual body of knowledge. According to ADP 1-01 Doctrine Primer, they address “fundamental principles”.

Does the military pay for DNA test?

TRICARE doesn’t cover paternity tests.

Will I lose custody if I join the military?

Active Duty and Custody The active duty of military personnel requires relocation to another country, state or naval base for times of war or when the service member needs to work on site. This factor could lead to a loss of custody or joint custody with the other parent.

What army regulation covers ERB?

Army Regulation (AR) 25–400–2.

What army regulation covers AWOL?

One of the most disruptive accountability issues for a command, especially during a pandemic, is when a Soldier goes Absent without Leave (AWOL). As defined by Army Regulation (AR) 630-10 and Article 86 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), there are (5) categories of AWOL Soldiers.

What is Army Regulation 608-99?

Army Regulation 608-99 sets forth Army’s policy on financial support of family members, paternity, and child custody. WHAT IS A SOLDIER’S OBLIGATION UNDER THE REGULATION?

When does support begin under Ar 608-99?

Support under AR 608-99 begins on the date the couple becomes separated and goes into effect if there is no oral or written agreement or court order addressing support.

What is Ar 608-99 Bah II-with?

Absent an oral or written agreement or court order expressly addressing financial support, AR 608-99 requires the Soldier to pay a pro rata share of the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) II-WITH amount. This amount is the BAH allowance without consideration of the geographic duty location.