How do I find my routing number for Regions Bank?

How do I find my routing number for Regions Bank?

Your Regions Bank routing number is located on the bottom left-hand corner of your checks, right before your account number and individual check number. Routing numbers are also included on your deposit slips.

Which bank routing number is 062000019?

Regions Bank
062000019- Regions Bank Routing Number in Alabama.

What routing number is this 061101375?

ACH Routing Number 061101375 – REGIONS BANK

Routing Number 061101375
Address P.O. BOX 681
State AL

What is Regions bank routing number for Tennessee?

What is my routing/transit number?

State Routing/Transit Number
North Carolina 053012029
South Carolina 053201814
Tennessee 064000017
Texas 111900785

Does everyone have the same routing number?

Routing numbers are unique to each bank and no two banks will have the same number. Larger financial institutions may have multiple routing numbers, so you’ll want to ensure you get the correct number that is specific to the location where you opened your account.

What bank has the routing number 021000089?

021000089 – Citibank Routing Number in New York.

What bank is routing number 061000052?

Bank of America
061000052 – Bank of America routing number in Georgia.

How do I find my checking account number regions?

Regions Help & Support In order to identify your checking, savings or money market account number within Online Banking, select the account from the Account Overview and then expand the Account Details area. You will see your masked account number and can then select to show your full account number.

Is the routing number the same for everyone?

How do I find out what my routing number is without a check?

You can use the third and fourth digits of your account number to determine your routing number. You can find your account number in the top of the right column of a bank statement.

How can you get information on regions bank routing numbers?

You can find your Regions Bank routing number on its website or by doing one of the following: Call customer service. Regions Bank’s customer service number is 800-734-4667. Send an email to the customer service department. You’ll need to log in to your account using the Regions online portal and click the “Secure Email Messages” link under the Refer to your checks and deposit slips.

Where might one find their bank routing number?

How to Find a Bank’s Routing Number Your checks. Look at the bottom of one of your personal checks. Bank statements. If you don’t have checks in your possession, you can also find your routing number on your bank statement. Contact the bank. If all else fails, call your bank or visit a branch and ask for your routing number. Routing Numbers of Major U.S. Banks.

Where to find bank routing number?

ABA Routing numbers are printed on the bottom left hand side of a check. You can also search your bank’s online website for routing numbers to find the routing number, that you need. The routing number is printed on the bottom LEFT side of a check. The account number is the number on the bottom in the MIDDLE.