How do I get ShipCSX?

How do I get ShipCSX?

ShipCSX Mobile – Access ShipCSX tools on your mobile phone at or download Apps for your iPhone or Android device. To download the Apps, click on the appropriate store shown below then log in with your current ShipCSX credentials.

Is there a way to track CSX trains?

Touch Trace: Get the tracking information you need over the phone, at any time, from any place with Touch Trace Telephone Tracking: Trace rail cars with Touch Trace: dial 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), options 2-1-3.

How many railcars does CSX own?

CSX Transportation: Transports more than 3.5 million carloads of products and raw materials a year. Maintains a fleet of more than 3,500 locomotives. Maintains a fleet of approximately 51,000 freight cars.

What is the CSX app?

The ShipCSX mobile application provides customers anywhere/anytime access to updates on the status of their rail shipments from an iPhone.

How do you pay for storage on CSX?

In the ShipCSX Intermodal Shipment Inquiry tool, click on the ‘Make Credit Card Payment’ button to enter credit card payment information on selected units to pay storage charges as many as 5 days in advance. Payments are automatically posted at selected ramps within 20 minutes.

Where are the headquarters for CSX?

Jacksonville, FL
CSX Transportation/Headquarters

Who owns CSX Railroad?

CSX Corporation
CSX Transportation/Parent organizations

How much does the CEO of CSX make?

Compensation by Company

Name And Title Total Compensation
James M. Foote President & Chief Executive Officer Total Compensation $14,968,139 View details
Nathan D. Goldman Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer Total Compensation $3,066,373 View details

What happened to Chessie?

On November 1, 1980, Chessie System merged with Seaboard Coast Line Industries to form CSX Corporation. In August 1987, C&O merged into CSX Transportation, a 1986 renaming of the Seaboard System Railroad, and the Chessie System name was retired.

How do I contact CSX?

If you have questions about whether shipping by rail is right for you, contact our Merchandise Sales Department at [email protected]….1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279) Phone Tree.

Prompts Options
1 Report a railroad emergency to railroad police
2 Customer Solutions
1 Railcar Customer Assistance
1 Regional Sales

How do I pay my CSX demurrage?

To use ShipCSX Account Invoices and ePay, call 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), option 2-1-5….Use ShipCSX Account Invoices to:

  1. Select and schedule invoices to be paid.
  2. Enter payment amount.
  3. A tracking number is automatically sent along with your payment.

What is shipcsx and why use it?

ShipCSX tools can help you plan, ship, trace and pay for your shipments quickly and efficiently, with secure data that is specific to you and your company. Why use ShipCSX? Provides the most up-to-date information available. Saves time and eliminates costs associated with phoning and faxing.

How do I download the apps for my shipcsx account?

To download the Apps, click on the appropriate store shown below then log in with your current ShipCSX credentials. Pricing Documents – Provides the ability to review and electronically sign your contracts. You can also search for and view active contracts as well as their signature history.

Where can I find more information about CSX?

Go to > Customersto get Customer News, information about the commodities we ship, details about the shipping process and more. Public Tools Service Schedules Rail Car Specs Intermodal Schedules

What are the available events for shipments moving on CSX?

For shipments moving on CSX, you will see remaining scheduled events when available. Release Unit Trains – Release empty unit trains from destination locations. Reservations – Enter, edit, view and cancel Unit Train reservation requests.