How do I know which Roca toilet I have?

How do I know which Roca toilet I have?

Look for the name of the collection. You might not have realised it, but if you closely look at the back side of the cover, you might find the name of the model printed on it.

What are the names of the parts in a toilet tank?

Here are five critical parts of a typical toilet tank’s anatomy.

  • Rubber Flapper. The round, flat rubber flapper covers the hole at the bottom of the tank where water runs out to the toilet bowl when you flush.
  • Fill Valve.
  • Fill Float.
  • Flush Lever and Chain.
  • Overflow Tube.

Why is my toilet not filling up?

Check the Float A common problem with a tank that isn’t filling up is the float. If it is too low, it stops the flow of water coming into the tank leaving you with an empty tank or one with not enough water. Check this by taking off the tank cover. For older toilets, look for a float ball attached to a float arm.

What types of toilet spare parts are available?

Our toilet spare parts include a range of toilet seats including the safe and hygienic quick release and soft close seats, timber seats, and a range of standard toilet seats to fit your required brand or size. These toilet seats are available to fit a range of standard toilet shapes as well as specific, hard to find brands.

What is discover Roca?

Discover Roca’s most hygienic solutions that avoid direct contact with the hands in home bathrooms and public spaces. Today, our products for the bathroom space are present in more than 170 countries across the five continents.

Why choose Roca fineceramic® and senceramic?

With Fineceramic® we have pushed the established boundaries in the design of washbasins and with Senceramic® we have reinvented the shower tray. Roca faucets have never ceased to evolve, with continuous innovations in every new launch.