How do I pair my truma motor mover remote?

How do I pair my truma motor mover remote?

Plug the caravan plug into the safety socket. Switch the control unit on and wait about 15 seconds until the red LED (j) on the control unit flashes slowly. Switch the remote control off. Press the reset button (k) on the control unit until the red LED (j) flashes rapidly.

Why has my motor mover stopped working?

The most likely cause and the first thing to check is if the leisure battery is flat. Motor movers require 12v electricity from the caravan’s leisure battery to power the rollers. This could indicate that the motor mover is trying to function however, there isn’t enough power to generate the motor mover to work.

How do I reset my Powrtouch motor mover?

reset isolation switch by turning off and remove the key for at least 15 seconds and then turn on again. the green light on the electronics box should be illuminated. check battery voltage of the handset is indication of this is given by a slow green flashing light on the hand set.

How do you pair a Powrtouch phone?

Handset tuning instructions FM/CDFM

  1. Locate the Pin (location shown in picture) and remove from the box, or use wooden stick.
  2. Switch on electronics with the red isolator key.
  3. Insert pin into the hole marked ‘R’ (picture shown)
  4. Press the pin down and release, the red and green lights will flash (alternating)

How much power does a motor mover use?

Motor movers require 12V electricity from a caravan’s leisure battery to power the rollers.

Is it easy to fit a motor mover?

The movers are easy to fit if a competent person, the only issue is the weight of the motors when fitting them onto the van chassis.

What is a caravan mover?

Caravan motor movers allow you to easily manoeuvre a caravan into position, whether that be into a driveway, storage or touring pitch, or even hitching up. If you can’t or don’t want to push or pull your caravan in a space using your car, a motor mover will move the caravan into position.

What are motor movers?

A motor mover is a manual or 12V motorised device which is clamped to a caravan chassis and connects to rollers attached to the caravan wheels which then propel the caravan in any chosen direction, controlled by a handset.