How do I report to Skmm?

How do I report to Skmm?

You can lodge complaints to us through or any complaint channel provided by MCMC. We will investigate the complaint and assist you to solve issues that you face.

How do I report a scammer number in Malaysia?

To file a complaint with BNM, you can call their BNMTELELINK, which is 1-300-88-5465 (1-300-88-LINK). On their website, BNM has clarified that this hotline is not just for people who have been scammed, but even those who are aware of a scam.

What is universal service provision fund?

The Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to facilitate the achievement of national policy goals for universal access and universal service to information and communication technologies (ICTs) in rural, un-served and under-served areas in Nigeria.

How do I report a scammer in mudah?

Email: [email protected]. Contact: 03-2712 3225. Notices to the User shall be sent to the email address provided to the Company.

How do I complain about a scammer?

How to make a complaint:

  1. Collect Bank statement from the concerned bank of last six months.
  2. Make a copy of SMSs received related to the alleged transactions.
  3. Copy of your bank pass book.
  4. Copy of your ID proof and address proof as shown in the bank records.

How do I report a bank scammer?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the main agency that collects scam reports. Report your scam online with the FTC complaint assistant, or by phone at 1-877-382-4357 (9:00 AM – 8:00 PM, ET).

How can I get my money back after being scammed online?

File a report online with the FTC, or by phone at (877) 382-4357. These reports are used by government agencies to recognize scam patterns. Some may even take action against companies or industries based on those reports. However, most agencies do not follow up on complaints and cannot recoup lost funds.

When was the Universal Service Fund created?

The FCC established the fund in 1997 in compliance with the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The FCC is a government agency that implements and enforces telecommunications regulations across the U.S. and its territories.

What is the full meaning of NCC in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Communications Commission is the independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

Can you get scammed on mudah?

The Foreign Buyers Scam Chung Tsung Chen, Head of Corporate Affairs at explained, “When these scammers ask for your bank details to make payment it can go two ways. They will either send you a fake remittance slip or they will use your bank details and get someone else to deposit the money into your account.

What is mudah? (styled is an online classified-ads website that caters primarily to the Malaysian market. Mudah is part of Carousell, a marketplace platform in Southeast Asia.