How do I search my entire Gmail?

How do I search my entire Gmail?

To search all categories in Gmail:

  1. On the far-right side of the search bar, select the down-arrow.
  2. A dialog box appears. To the far right of the Search item, select the down-arrow. Select Mail & Spam & Trash.
  3. Make additional selections to find the item you want, then select Search.

How do you select all emails in Gmail on iPad?

Make sure you’ve downloaded the Gmail app. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app ….

  1. On a computer, open Gmail. You can’t delete all messages from the Gmail app.
  2. In the top left, check the box to select all messages on the page. If you have over 25 messages, you can click Select all conversations.
  3. Click Delete .

How do I find old emails on my iPad?

Go to the home screen and tap the home button and the search feature pops up. Type keywords in the search field at the top to find old emails there as well. When you tap on that email in the search, the mail app will open and you can read the email.

How do I search all my emails?

Important: Search won’t work in offline mode.

  1. On your computer, go to Gmail.
  2. In the Search Box at the top, enter what you’d like to find.
  3. Press Enter. A list of emails will show.
  4. To further refine the search, use the search filter chips below the Search Box or the search operators in the Search Box.

Why is it so difficult to find emails in Gmail?

If you use Gmail and oftentimes have trouble finding a specific email, you’re in luck. That’s because Gmail just rolled out a new feature, called search chips, that’s specifically designed to help you find those emails.

How do I search for multiple senders in Gmail?

By multiple senders/recipients. For example, if you wanted to view both emails from [email protected] and [email protected], you could use “{from: sender1 from: sender2}” or “from: sender1 OR from: sender2”.

Is there a way to select all emails in Gmail app?

To select multiple e-mail messages in Gmail for Android, you have to tap the tiny check boxes to the left of each message. Once in selection mode, you can tap on the entire message listing to select it, rather than a tiny check box.

Is there a Select All button on Gmail app?

You can select all emails in Gmail’s web version, which you can access from your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer. Gmail’s mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android doesn’t allow you to select all emails at once.

Why can’t I see older emails on my iPad?

2 Answers. Scroll down to the “Mail” section and look at “Show.” Mine is set to show the 50 most recent messages. Maybe this is why older emails seem to disappear? To test, try setting this to a higher value; it allows you to set it as high as 1000 messages.

Why have all my emails disappeared from my iPad?

To fix the disappearing act – change your settings in your other POP compliant mail application to stop removing emails from the server. Hopefully Apple will try to work out a change. My husband had this problem on his iPad and I solved it by going into Settings, then Mail, Contacts,Calendars.

How do I search all mailboxes in Apple Mail?

To search all mailboxes, click All Mailboxes in the sidebar or All in the Favorites Bar. Mail may not be looking in the Trash or Junk mailboxes, or searching encrypted messages. To include them when searching all mailboxes, choose Mail > Preferences, click General, then select the options.

How do I do an advanced search in Apple Mail?

From a mailbox, tap in the search field, then type the text you’re looking for. Choose between searching all mailboxes or the current mailbox above the results list. Tap an email in the results list to see it.

How do I search for an email in Gmail?

Tap in the search field and type the text you’re looking for. Choose between searching all mailboxes or the current mailbox above the results list. Tap an email in the results list to see it. Searching looks at the address fields, the subject, and the email body. The most relevant emails appear in Top Hits above the search suggestions as you type.

Can you search for an email on your iPhone or iPad?

Indeed the iPhone and iPad Mail apps have a search capability, but it’s not visible by default and instead the functionality is hidden behind a gesture, and thus many users don’t even know a find feature exists for emails on their iOS devices.

How do I select all emails in Gmail on an iPad?

The official Gmail application for iPad offers slightly different functionality from the Apple-authored Mail app. While neither application features a “select all” button, it’s possible to select all messages in a given folder by using the built-in multi-select functionality native to the app.

What is the best Gmail app for iPhone or iPad?

The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with robust security, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and search that works across all your mail. • Automatically block more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, malware, and dangerous links from ever reaching your inbox