How do I set up my uromastyx enclosure?

How do I set up my uromastyx enclosure?

  1. Juvenile Uromastyx need a minimum 20 gallon terrarium. Juveniles can be housed together in a 30 gallon terrarium.
  2. Adult Uromastyx need a minimum 40+ gallon terrarium.
  3. Provide plenty of hiding and basking places.
  4. Rocks, thick branches or Mopani Wood make excellent choices for decorating your lizard’s habitat.

Do Saharan uromastyx need water?

Water: Most Uromastyx species obtain moisture from the food they eat. We recommend providing a shallow water dish about the size of a petri dish or mayonnaise jar lid for all species of Uromastyx. Small Uromastyx will often drink from rocks and wood in their enclosures when they are sprayed with water.

How big should a uromastyx cage be?

Adult small and medium uromastyx species will need a tank sized at least 4x2x2 LxWXH (122x61x61cm). In gallons, it is around 100-120 gallons. A minimum terrarium size for an adult Egyptian uromastyx is 6x3x3 feet (LxWxH), which is around 400 gallons.

How big do Saharan uromastyx get?

“Saharans” are medium-sized lizards, many averaging 11–14 in (28–36 cm) in total length, and weighing 250 grams (8.8 oz) or more as adults.

Should I mist my uromastyx?

Uromastyx lizards require very dry enclosures. Misting is generally not necessary or advisable, although some keepers provide a light misting once or twice a week. This may cause your lizards to lap up water from the enclosure walls, but others may simply retreat to their hiding locations.

How much UVB does a uromastyx need?

Being a diurnal species (active during the day), Uromastyx requires a 10.0 UVB light, which provides necessary light wavelengths that allow the lizard to absorb the vitamins and minerals in their diet, which in turn prevents Metabolic Bone Disease, a generally irreversible and potentially fatal condition.

Do uromastyx need heat lamp?

Uromastyx need UVB lighting to help them absorb calcium and to synthesize vitamin D3. Since they are not out in natural sunlight in our homes, we must provide UVB light in the form of a special fluorescent bulb designed to produce UVB rays. You can also use separate basking (heat) bulb and UVB bulbs.

Should I mist my Uromastyx?

Does Uromastyx need heat mat?

We recommend a Zoo Med heat mat or Exo Terra heat pad that stays on 24/7 to give them a little bit of supplemental heat during the night. You want a heat pad that only covers half the tank (or a little less). Uromastyx need UVB lighting to help them absorb calcium and to synthesize vitamin D3.

Should I soak my uromastyx?

To hydrate a uromastyx, soak it in warm water in the morning for 5-10 minutes to let it drink and soak in moisture. However, make sure to dry it properly to prevent tail rot and infection. Only soak while the problem persists, as soaking uromastyx can cause issues. After that, place it to bask in the tank.

Does uromastyx need heat mat?

How hot is too hot for uromastyx?

Uromastyx are adapted to hot desert conditions (ideal humidity around 10% to 25%). The cage should have a daytime hot basking spot where the temperature exceeds 120°F; however, the lizard must be able to retreat to areas in the low 90s or 80s Fahrenheit. Incandescent spotlights can provide hot basking sites.

What size tank does a Saharan Uromastyx need?

You can keep hatchling Saharan Uromastyx in a 20-gallon long aquarium, but you will need a large tank for them as they grow up. Once they grow, you will need a 40-gallon breeder tank to keep them. It is best to create a custom enclosure for adults with dimensions about 5 inches Long, 2 inches Wide, and 2 inches High.

What is the best cage for a uromastyx?

Another good material cage for a uromastyx would be a good quality PVC cage, like this 3 foot long custom made cage. Cages made from PVC are sturdy, long-lasting and look great. While housing two uromastyx is not the best idea, it can be done.

How to setup lighting and heating for your Uromastyx?

To setup lighting and heating for your uromastyx, you will need: Ceramic heat emitting bulb (in case need to heat at night or to supplement main heating) Light fixture to house a heat bulb, optionally a light stand for tanks with air screens First of all, you must get a high output UVB source for your uromastyx, and this is a must.

Are Uromastyx aggressive to other species?

Females and males can be very aggressive to same-sex cage mates. The length of the terrarium is more important than height, as Uromastyx are a terrestrial reptile. Specially made 4′ long reptile cages with sliding front doors are great, as picking up a uro from above may startle them.