How do I transfer money using soneri app?

How do I transfer money using soneri app?

By using Soneri Phone Banking Services +92-21-111-766-374….If Select Soneri Bank:

  1. Select Account Type: (a)Conventional (b)IBAN.
  2. Enter Account Number.
  3. Enter Beneficiary Nick Name.
  4. Enter Beneficiary Email (Optional Field)

Who is the owner of soneri bank?

Mr. Alauddin Feerasta
Mr. Alauddin Feerasta is the Chairman and Sponsor Director of Soneri Bank Limited. Besides this, he is also managing two other corporate entities namely Spintex Limited and Rupali Foods (Pvt.) Limited as its Chairman.

How do I activate soneri Internet banking?

Step 3: Activate your Internet Banking by visiting Any of the Soneri Bank ATMs or by using Soneri Phone banking Services +92-111-766-374, you are required to enter Eight Digit Internet Banking Activation Code by selecting Internet Banking Option either using ATM or Phone banking, you will get confirmation of your …

What is soneri?

(ˈsɒnəˌriː) an Indian cloth of gold.

How much money we can transfer from ATM to bank account?

This service of ATM Fund Transfer is available 24×7, 365 days a year, with a daily transaction limit of Rs. 50,000, at your comfort.

What is swift code of soneri bank?


Swift code (8 characters) SONEPKKA
Branch code GLH

How many branches does soneri Bank have?

Soneri Bank has over 300+ branches and ATMs.

How can I check my soneri bank balance?


  1. Dial *808# and the mobile banking menu will be displayed.
  2. Select the bank name (option 3 for Soneri Bank.
  3. Enter your CNIC Number (as per listed with SoneriBank).
  4. Wait for a registration confirmation message from Ufone SIM.

How can I get IBAN number in Pakistan?

2 letter country code. 2 digit check number. 4 characters from the bank’s bank code. 16 digit code for the bank account number….What is the IBAN code in Pakistan?

IBAN example in Pakistan PK36SCBL0000001123456702
IBAN in print format PK36 SCBL 0000 0011 2345 6702
Country code PK
Check digits 36
Bank code SCBL

How can I activate mobile banking in Bank Al Habib?

Dial short Code *808# from your mobile set having active Ufone SIM, Select Bank AL Habib and follow the instructions to register with your valid CNIC.

How many branches soneri bank has?

330+ branches
Over the years, we have grown our branch network and now operate with over 330+ branches and ATMs across Pakistan including 30 Islamic Banking branches. The key areas of operation are Branch Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking, Treasury, SME, Financial Institutions and Islamic Banking.

Can we transfer money through ATM to other bank account?

The advantage is money transfer from ATM that can be done through any nationalized or private sector banks. Funds can be transferred from one debit card to another debit card or one account to another account through ATM.

What is direct internet banking in Soneri Bank?

Soneri Bank Direct Internet Banking manages your financial accounts now a click-away. The convenience of accessing your accounts 24×7 anytime and anywhere makes it easier for you to do various transactions such as paying utility bills, transferring funds and viewing your account information etc.

What are the different types of bank accounts in Soneri?

Soneri Asaan Account Ikhtiar Business Account Saving Account Term Deposit Agriculture Financing SME Basic Bank Account Online Banking Safe Deposit Lockers Lockers Electronic Banking SMS Alert Bancassurance Soneri Sahara Account Working capital Financing Long Term and Project Financing Investment Banking

Where is the registered office of soneribank?

Registered Office. Rupali House 241-242, Upper Mall Scheme, Anand Road, Lahore-54000, Pakistan. Tel: (92-42) 35713101-04. Fax: (92-42) 35713095-96. Email: [email protected].

How to receive SMS alerts from soneridirect?

Receive SMS ALERT on your financial transactions done from SoneriDirect. (For SMS ALERT Registration, Please call at 111-SONERI (766374) or contact your Bank Branch) KuickPay : It is a convenient billing platform for many educational institutions, welfare payments, online website payments, and the like.