How do I use iSimple Bluetooth?

How do I use iSimple Bluetooth?

Just plug into your AUX port, and sync it with your phone’s Bluetooth. It takes less than sixty seconds. Now, you can enjoy music streaming from Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, YouTube Red, iTunes, or whatever else you’re using.

How do I turn on iSimple Bluetooth?

After charging you BT32XIS, plug the Bluetooth adapter into your car’s AUX port. Turn on BT32XIS by pushing and holding the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds. icon should begin blinking blue. Power is now on, and you are now in pairing mode.

How do I connect my simple Bluetooth adapter?

The BT32XIS can easily be connected to any vehicle by plugging the small Bluetooth adapter into your car’s AUX port. Charges easily and on-the-go by simply plugging the adapter into a 12V plug and inserting into your car’s 12V socket. The dual USB ports make it easy to charge two devices at the same time.

How do I connect to iSimple connect?

Pair Your Phone Bluetooth menu and search for a new device. It should discover the device named “iSimple Connect”. If prompted for a PIN code enter 0000, otherwise just select “Pair”.

How do I pair my simple Bluetooth adapter?

How does a Bluetooth cassette adapter work?

It looks just like a cassette, but contains a Bluetooth receiver. When inserted in a car’s tape deck, it automatically turns itself on and picks up audio streamed from the user’s Bluetooth-enabled music player.

How do you hook up a cassette adapter?

What to Know

  1. Insert the cassette tape adapter plug into the line-out jack of the audio device.
  2. Turn on the car radio to the lowest volume level. Insert the cassette tape adapter into the car tape deck.
  3. Turn on the audio device and play music. Adjust the volume to the preferred level.

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