How do you get limitless potential?

How do you get limitless potential?

Hack the terminal to open the vault. Once the vault opens and there will be a master level safe that needs be lockpicked. Once opened, hit the button in that safe to open a hidden area with the Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential”.

Where is the prototype UP77?

University Point
Location. The UP77 is found in University Credit Union at University Point. Inside the Credit Union, one will find a bank vault with a Novice-locked terminal.

Is the Laer a laser weapon?

The LAER (Laser Assisted Electrical Rifle) returns to the wasteland, this time in Boston, via mysterious circumstances. Uncover how the LAER came to arrive on the East Coast and wield the electrolaser-based weapon against your foes!

What does the AER14 prototype do?

The AER14 prototype can fire a total of about 495 times using standard cells, the equivalent of 42 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

How do you get Virgil’s gun?

You can get this Weapon from Virgil if you decide to kill him or steal from him with at least Rank 3 (easier with Rank 4) of the Pickpocket perk. You will find Virgil in Rocky Cave. You will have met him during The Molecular Level. Virgil’s Rifle does 50% more damage against super mutants.

How do you get to Old Faithful in Fallout 4?

Location. Sold by Arturo Rodriguez in the Diamond City market.

Is the LAER good?

The LAER is an energy rifle. It has low critical hit damage, low item HP, and is rare. It has a very high spread for an energy rifle. When compared to its variant, Elijah’s advanced LAER, the standard model could be viewed as the more practical version as it has 50% more HP, although it does shoot slower.

Is Elijah’s advanced LAER better?

This weapon is identical to the LAER in appearance, but differs in ammunition capacity by having five fewer shots per magazine and a slightly increased rate of fire. This gives it a higher damage-per-second (DPS), but also makes it much less durable.

Does laser commander affect Laer?

Though they do not shoot lasers, this perk affects the pulse gun, LAER, sonic emitter and Compliance Regulator. Although they shoot laser like projectiles, the recharger rifle and recharger pistol do not benefit from this perk.

How do you ignite Vault 22?

Quest stages (Optional) Find Keely, a researcher who has gone missing at Vault 22. Meet Keely at her base of operations on the second level. Find the vents Keely is pumping gas through and somehow ignite the gas.

How do I get Virgil’s rifle in Fallout 4?

Can you bring Virgil back to the institute?

Even though X6-88 ordered Kellogg to kill Virgil, bringing X6-88 to Virgil has no effect, nor does he even bring it up. Even if the player character becomes director of the Institute and subsequently gives Virgil the serum, there is no option via dialogue to have the now-human Virgil return to the Institute.

What’s the best laser gun in Fallout 4?

Science! The Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential” is a unique laser gun in Fallout 4 . This unique laser gun possesses the Never Ending effect, which grants an unlimited magazine capacity and never needs to be reloaded, but still requires ammunition to fire.

Where can I find aer9 laser weapons in Fallout 76?

It can be found in a hidden room in the University Credit Union. Righteous Authority, a unique AER9 laser rifle. With the Lucky effect, its critical hits do double damage and the critical meter fills 15% faster. It is given as a reward for completing Call to Arms.

Where can I find a laser gun with the never ending effect?

Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential”, a unique laser gun with the Never Ending effect, which gives the weapon unlimited ammo capacity and remove the need for reloading. It can be found in a hidden room in the University Credit Union.

Where is the up77 in Fallout 4?

The is a unique Weapon in Fallout 4. Located in the eastern portion of the map near University Point. It functions much like a scaled-down version of the Wazer Wifle. The UP77 is a laser carbine with a special twist: it has “unlimited ammo capacity”.