How do you hang a Mason jar outside?

How do you hang a Mason jar outside?

Perfect for an outdoor party or wedding, an arrangement of fence-lined mason jars can be filled with hydrangeas in the classic ROYGBIV order. Simply attach jars to fence posts using heavy-duty wire wrapped around the mouth a few times and then around the post.

What lights to put in mason jars?

15 Fabulous Ways to Brighten Up Your Home with DIY Mason Jar Lights

  • 15 Ways DIY Mason Jar Lights can Make Your Home Look Adorable.
  • Painted Leaf Candle Holder.
  • String Lights Table Jar Lamp.
  • Rock Bottom Side Wall Lamp.
  • Triple Bulb Industrial Themed Overhead Lamp.
  • Rustic Wood Panel Hanging Lamps.
  • Simple Outdoor Tree Hanging Lamp.

Can you use a mason jar as a light fixture?

Mason jars are probably one of the easiest things to re-purpose and recycle. You can use them for basically any kind of project. But turning them into light fixtures is very common and very easy. You can use jars to make pendant lights, lamps, chandeliers and lots of other great things.

How do you hang a mason jar with string?


  1. Start by adding the aquarium rocks to the bottom of your jars.
  2. Secure the end of some jute twine with hot glue to one side of the threaded area of the jar.
  3. Wrap the twine around the jar a few times.
  4. Secure with another drop of hot glue on the side.

How do you make a Mason jar nightlight?


  1. Mix a bit of food coloring with Mod Podge. Stir to combine.
  2. Paint the inside of the mason jar with the Mod Podge mixture.
  3. While the inside of the jar is still wet, sprinkle in the glitter. Let dry.
  4. Add a tealight to the lid of the mason jar and screw on the base to display.

How do you hang mason jars from fairy lights?

Let’s get started!

  1. Step 1: Prep your mason jars. You want to make sure your jars are clean so the paint adheres nicely.
  2. Step 2: Mask the mason jars. I love the blue painters tape for this part of the project.
  3. Step 3: Paint the jars.
  4. Step 4: Add the mason jar fairy lights.
  5. Step 4: Add the hanger to the mason jar light.

How do you hang a Mason jar with string?

How do you wire a Mason jar to hang?

How to Wire a Mason Jar

  1. Bend a small, open loop with pliers in the end of 22 gauge wire.
  2. Wrap wire around the bottom lip of the mason jar tightly (tight is key or the wire will come loose)
  3. Hook straight end of wire through the open loop and squeeze loop closed with small pliers.

How do you put lights in a mason jar?

Take the end of your hanging light (where the bulb is screwed in) and trace it out on the lid of the mason jar. You’ll need to punch through this top to get the light in. Make sure you’re using both parts of the lid — the round, flat piece and the circular “cuff” that screws on.

How do you make a mason jar lamp?

Add Oil. Pour the olive oil into the jar. Make sure enough olive oil is is poured into the jar, so that it’s just under where the wick is pinched. Leave enough space for the wick so it’s not totally soaked with olive oil. FYI!! A few ounces of oil will keep the lamp lit for several hours.

How to make Mason Jar lights?

Prepare the Jars. Remove the lids from the mason jars and set aside.

  • Trace the Inserts. While the jars are drying,remove the metal inserts from the lids.
  • Cut Out Plexiglass Circles. Use aviator snips to cut out the plexiglass circles.
  • Assemble the Solar Cells and Lanterns.
  • How do you make a mason jar Lantern?

    1. Grab your needle nose pliers and make a loop on one end of the wire. 2. Wrap it halfway around the lip at the mouth of the jar and have the rest of the wire sticking straight out. Cut the wire a half inch from the jar and them make another loop. You will be repeating what you just did on the other half of the jar.