How do you run a space derby?

How do you run a space derby?


  1. To stage the race, boys wind up their rocket’s motor (rubber band), then hook the rockets over the guidelines, centering the rockets between the vertical dowels and locking the propellers behind the horizontal dowels on the starting gate.
  2. Run the race in heats, up to four contestants at a time.

What is Cub Scout Space Derby?

The space derby is a racing event for Cub Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America that is similar to the pinewood derby car race. Cub Scouts (the young-age division of the Boy Scouts) race miniature balsa wood gliders that are propelled by a rubber band and propeller.

How do you make a NASA rocket?

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Cut out all the pieces for your rocket.
  2. Wrap and tape a tube of paper around the film canister.
  3. Important!
  4. Tape fins to your rocket body, if you want.
  5. Roll the circle (with a wedge cut out) into a cone and tape it to the rocket’s top.

How do you make a flying rocket?

It’s all part of the design process.

  1. Cut out and shape the rocket body. Carefully cut out the large rectangle on the rocket template.
  2. Cut out and tape on the fins. Carefully cut out the two fin units.
  3. Make a fin sandwich.
  4. Bend the fins.
  5. Make the nose cone.
  6. Measure the nose cone.
  7. Prepare for launch.
  8. Three, two, one … launch!

How do you pressurize a rocket?

A hollow launch tube is mounted perpendicular to the base and is inserted into the base of the rocket before launch. The launch tube is connected to an air pump by a hollow feeder line. The pump is used to pressurize the inside of the body tube to provide thrust for the rocket.

How long is a straw rocket?

Measure the nose cone from its base (right where it starts to narrow) to its tip and record the length in your data log and on the rocket itself. Once completed, the rocket will be about 13 cm (about 5 inches) tall.