How do you use more or less in a sentence?

How do you use more or less in a sentence?

(1) The project was more or less a success. (2) The population remained more or less static. (3) I’ve more or less finished reading the book. (4) The Japanese market used to be more or less impenetrable.

What is a good sentence for less?

Less sentence example. In less than a month in early spring our lives were totally changed and we loved it. It might make him feel less threatened. All Len wants out of me is information about Allen, and Howard couldn’t care less where I am.

How do you use more in a sentence?

More sentence example

  1. Flying cars, faster cars, more features in cars, we all get that.
  2. Think no more about it, he said.
  3. Alex had been hiding more than a father.
  4. No one could have been more private than Josh.
  5. Do you have more requests?
  6. She felt that Jim would know more about the Saw-Horse later on.

What are the examples of less?

An example of less used as a preposition is in the sentence, “Ten less seven is three,” which means ten minus seven is three. Less is defined as to a smaller degree or amount. An example of less used as an adverb is in the sentence, “The shrimp is less tasty than the crab,” which means that the crab tastes better.

What are words that add more or less to a sentence?

Comparative Adjectives That Add “More” or “Less” 1 Beautiful – More (or less) beautiful 2 Difficult – More (or less) difficult 3 Expensive – More (or less) expensive 4 Interesting – More (or less) interesting 5 Important – More (or less) important

What are some adjectives that mean more or less?

Comparative Adjectives That Add “More” or “Less”. 1 Bitter – More (or less) bitter. 2 Clever – More (or less) clever. 3 Modern – More (or less) modern. 4 Polite – More (or less) polite. 5 Tired – More (or less) tired.

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Can you make a comparison without using the word ‘than’?

However, you can make the comparison without using the word “than,” as you can see in these example sentences: Jill is faster than Todd. My brother is clumsier than me. You might be tall, but I am taller. I need to buy a more modern phone. You can also add a quantifier to the comparative adjective to show degrees of difference in the comparison: