How does a dissertation get marked?

How does a dissertation get marked?

Typically dissertations are blind double marked. So that each marker judges the work independently and only then discusses with a colleague, the definitive mark to be awarded. Third, they disagree so dramatically about the quality of the work and its mark that it must go to a third marker.

What is the pass mark for a dissertation?

Generally, this means for a pass, no marks under 40, a merit, none below 50, and for a distinction, none below 60. If your course involves a dissertation, this will also impact your masters degree grade often, to achieve a certain classification, you are required to achieve that mark as minimum on your dissertation.

Does a PhD make you more employable?

PhD employment statistics Data suggests that PhD students are very employable, with the majority finding work or going on to further training (such as a ‘Postdoc’) after graduation. It gives the employment outcomes of PhD graduates in the UK, 3.5 years after graduation.

Do PhD students have summers off?

While graduate students don’t really stick by a strict semester/trimester/quarter/summer/etc. schedule, it more or less dictates when you can take vacation. I never took more than a day or two off during Spring Break, and my summers were strictly time to get more work done (or to teach a summer class).