How does tension affect pendulum?

How does tension affect pendulum?

In the case of the pendulum, the tension in the string causes the bob to follow the circular path. At the bottom of the pendulum’s swing the net force on the bob is the combination of the tension in the string and the force due to gravity.

How do you find the horizontal tension?

Tension formula-Rope pulling blocks horizontally with kinetic friction involved

  1. T = m1(a + μkg)
  2. Friction(fk) = μk N = μk*(mtotalg) fk = μk(m1+m2)g.
  3. Fnet = F – friction.
  4. acceleration(a) = F/Total mass.
  5. a = [F-μk(m1+m2)g]/(m1+m2)
  6. Fnet = T – friction.
  7. T= Fnet + friction.
  8. T = μk*m1*g + m1*a ——–(1)

Is the tension in a pendulum constant?

As the bob performs the circular motion, the value of θ keeps changing. So, θ is not constant. Also, we know that the velocity v varies from 0 to its maximum value in the circular motion. ∴ T is not constant.

What is the tension at lowest point?

At the highest point, weight will act downward and centrifugal force upward and there will be no tension (as stated). Hence, tension at lower point is 6mg and as discussed at uppermost point is zero.

Is tension in a pendulum constant?

Tension in a pendulum is always the force in the string “tugging” at the weight. F=ma does not need to be zero because the “a” includes the force to change the direction; the force on the moon is not zero even though the moon stays (about) the same velocity and distance from Earth.

Can tension be zero in a pendulum?

Zero. Because the tension force is a central force and the displacement is always perpendicular to the force in the pendulum motion.

How do you calculate tension in a spring?

  1. Fs = kx.
  2. PEs = 1/2 k * x^2.

How do you find tension angle?

The formula for tension in a rope attached to a weight at an…

  1. T1 sin(a) + T2 sin(b) = m*g ———-(1) Resolving the forces in x-direction: The forces acting in the x-direction are the components of tension forces T1 and T2 in opposite directions.
  2. T1cos(a) = T2cos(b)———————(2)
  3. T2 = [T1cos(a)]/cos(b)]

What is tension at highest point in VCM?

At the topmost point, the centrifugal force acts vertically upward and the weight of the body acts vertically downward. Thus the tension in the string is minimum. Ans: Maximum tension at the bottom-most point is 110.4 N, Minimum tension at the topmost point is 51.6 N.

What is the tension in the string of a simple pendulum?

This is an expression for the tension in the string of a conical pendulum. A simple pendulum is a special case of a conical pendulum in which angle made by the string with vertical is zero i.e. θ = 0°.

What is the Bob of a conical pendulum?

The bob of pendulum describes a horizontal circle and the string describes a cone. Expression for Period of Conical Pendulum: Let us consider a conical pendulum consists of a bob of mass ‘m’ revolving in a horizontal circle with constant speed ‘v’ at the end of a string of length ‘l’.

What is the semi-vertical angle of a pendulum?

Hence when performing an experiment on a simple pendulum, the teacher advises not to increase θ beyond 10°. The semi-vertical angle is the angle made by the string of conical pendulum with the vertical. It is independent of the mass of the bob of the conical pendulum.

Does C = V2/R apply to a pendulum?

The only force acting on the system is the tangential (real word?) component of the Weight force: Besides I don’t think the pendulum experiences uniform circular motion (tangential velocity is not constant), in which case a c = v 2 /r does not apply. Unless a c = v 2 /r applies to any circular motion and not just uniform circular motion.