How good is the Kv3 tank?

How good is the Kv3 tank?

Lacking penetration for all its guns, the KV-3 is most effective up close where other tanks have trouble aiming down on the nearly unsloped frontal hull armour, though the large gun mantlet will now and then be penetrated by lower-tier medium tanks at point-blank range.

How do I get the kv-3 to autoounce?

Drive up to a building (a rock also works, but is less effective) and angle yourself so the outer track lines up with the edge of the building. Since the KV-3 has thick side armor, most shots will autobounce if you have achieved the correct angle.

What is the kv-3 weak spot guide?

This weak spot guide will breakdown the KV-3 into sections based on the weakest areas (green), the strongest areas of armor (red), and armor that can still be penetrated by most tanks but are not always easy to penetrate with lower tier tanks (yellow).

When did the kv-3 come out?

By July 22, 1941, chassis and engine development was completed. According to some sources, in the fall of 1941, the vehicle was equipped with a serial KV turret and sent to the front. The KV-3 is defined by its lengthened and more heavily armoured KV chassis, and a much rounder turret design.

Is the kv-3 fun to play?

KV-3 is not a brawler, it was morely like the tank (on enemy team), what I noticed like: “Oh look, there a full HP KV-3 too, let’s flank him!” For me it wasn’t that fun, neither the KV-1 or the T-150.

How does the kv-3 turret work?

When we attack the tank from the front, we encounter a very thick cannon yoke (it “eats” our shots) and the proper armor behind it, set at the very high angle – our shots will almost ricochet on it. Sides of the KV-3 turret are relatively weakly armored, but its rounded shape allows for ricochets from time to time.

Is it better to attack kv-3 from the side or front?

It is better to attack bottom front plate, which is bigger and easier target to hit. When attacking KV-3 from the side, we do the same as with its predecessors. The only difference is in additional 15 mm of armor, which should be no problem for 5 and higher tier tanks.