How long is the ferry ride from Miami to Key West?

How long is the ferry ride from Miami to Key West?

You’ll have approximately 6 hours to explore Key West at your leisure.

How do I get from South Beach to Key West?

There are 4 ways to get from South Beach (Land) to Key West by bus, car, shuttle or plane

  1. Take the bus from Key Largo to Big Pine Key.
  2. Take the bus from Big Pine Key – CVS / MM30 to N Roosevelt & 3rd Street.

How far is Miami from Key West by boat?

160 miles
Located nearly 160 miles from Miami, FL, Key West is part of the Florida Keys, which is made up of nearly 1700 small islands that extend south from the tip of Florida. These tiny islands are amazing, and the trip down to Key West is just as exciting and exhilarating as spending time there.

What should you avoid in Key West?

Avoid these 5 tourist traps to keep your Key West vacation relaxing and enjoyable

  • T-Shirt Shops. For years, Key West had a well-documented problem with Duval Street t-shirt shops.
  • $5 Shops. Many of the shady t-shirt shops have tried a new line of attack – the $5 store.
  • Jewelry Stores.
  • Shady Art Galleries.
  • Cosmetic Shops.

How long is the bridge from Miami to Key West?

Seven Mile Bridge
Total length 35,719.2 feet 6.765 miles (10.887 km)
Width 38 feet (12 m)
Longest span 135 feet (41 m)
Clearance below 65 feet (20 m)

Can you jet ski from Miami to Key West?

It is easily one of the most popular and frequented of Key West activities – and now is your chance to find out why! With the Key West bus tour from Miami combo Jet ski package, we set it all up for you! The two hour Jet Ski Island tour takes you all around the tiny island of Key West.

Where do locals go in Key West?

Green Parrot — Legendary Key West Bar

  • The Courthouse Deli Bench— World’s Most Social Bench.
  • Schooner Wharf Bar— Quintessential Locals Waterfront Bar.
  • Chart Room Bar — Dive Bar to the Stars.
  • Virgilio’s — Laid-back, energetic Martinis.
  • Marquesa Hotel Bar — A Moment of Class.
  • Hogfish Bar & Grill— Local’s Bar on the Water.

What drink is Key West known for?

The Rum Runner: A Key West Signature Cocktail.

What happened to the old 7 Mile Bridge?

The Old Seven Mile Bridge closed for repairs in 2016 and is not scheduled to reopen until May 2022. The $77 million project to restore the bridge includes repairs to concrete and steel, a new pedestrian railing, signs and pavement markings.

What food is Key West famous for?

Best Local Foods to Try in Key West

  • Key lime pie. Perhaps no food is more strongly tied to Key West than key lime pie.
  • Conch Fritters. Conch fritters are another Key West delicacy.
  • Conch Chowder.
  • Coconut water.
  • Fresh caught fish sandwich.
  • Key West pink shrimp.
  • Spiny lobster.
  • Key West Legal Rum.

How deep is the water under the Key West bridge?

18 to 22-ft. deep
deep; the Seven Mile Bridge below Knight’s Key over water 18 to 22-ft. deep; the Bahia Honda Bridge, slightly more than one mile long over water from 20 to 30-ft.

Are there alligators in Key West?

American Alligators are very rare in the Keys since they do not like high salinity water. They are generally limited to the few islands here with permanent freshwater lakes such as Big Pine Key where the fresh/brackish water blue hole is, but our canals and beaches are too salty for them.