How many Callaway Sledgehammer Corvettes were made?

How many Callaway Sledgehammer Corvettes were made?

On October 26, 1988 at 3:45PM John Lingenfelter drove the Sledgehammer to its record speed of 254.76 mph on the 7.5 mile oval track at the Transportation Research Center (TRC) in Ohio….In Detail.

type One Of
built at Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA
production 1
price $ $ 400,000
engine Twin Turbo V8

How fast is the Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette?

254.76 mph
Its most famous creation, the C4-based Sledgehammer, solidified Callaway as one of the all-time great Corvette specialists of the world, setting a record-breaking top speed of 254.76 mph in a 1988 test.

Was the Callaway Sledgehammer a production car?

Regarding the “production” of the Callaway Sledgehammer, Reeves Callaway used a production Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette, 1988–051, to be precise. The car was, in fact, a production car, with all options found in other Corvettes the same model-year.

How much is a Callaway Corvette?

While the $130K price tag given to this manual-equipped Callaway Corvette Z06 is high for an outgoing generation model, the SC757 package is a savagely fast vehicle that is capable of outrunning exotics worth three or four times the price.

Who is Reeves Callaway?

Founder of Callaway Cars in 1977, Reeves Callaway, 66, has blanketed America with 1800 modified Corvettes and more than a few peculiar engines. From the December 2013 Issue of Car and Driver. We took car dealers around the track.

How much horsepower does a Callaway Corvette have?

It features a supercharged V8 that pumps out 757-horsepower and 777 pound-feet of torque.

Is Callaway a Corvette?

The 2005-2013 Callaway Corvette was a specialist version of the C6 Corvette, built by Callaway Cars expert craftsmen and sold through selected Callaway/Chevrolet dealers. The Z06-based 7.0 liter Callaway SuperCharged Corvette generated 652 horsepower. Limited edition models were also offered.

What is the top speed of a 1988 Corvette?

254.7 mph
They ended up with the now famous 1988 Callaway SledgeHammer Corvette, which produced 898 horsepower and 772 lb-ft of torque from its twin-turbo 5.7-liter V8. Driven by the late John Lingenfelter, the Sledgehammer eventually topped its goal, achieving a speed of 254.7 mph.

Who is Callaway owned by?

Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.
Callway markets its products in more than 70 countries worldwide. The American company, based in Carlsbad, California, is the world’s largest manufacturer of golf clubs….Callaway Golf Company.

Type Public
Founded 1982
Founder Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.
Headquarters Carlsbad, California , U.S.
Area served Worldwide

Is Callaway Gardens related to Callaway Golf?

Callaway family members founded what became Callaway Mills in 1900 and operated them until 1968. They established Callaway Gardens in 1952 and remain active in its management. The family has also given millions of dollars to a wide variety of projects through the Callaway Foundation and the Fuller E.

Which Corvette is supercharged?

The all-new supercharged 6.2L V-8 Small Block for the Corvette Z06 delivers 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful production car ever offered by General Motors.

What year Corvette is supercharged?

The supercharged engine on it was first offered in the 2015 model, and it’s the strongest engine yet.

What is a Sledgehammer Corvette?

Based on a 1988 Chevrolet Corvette, the Sledgehammer was designed and manufactured by Corvette aficionado and legend Reeves Callaway. Callaway had already become known for developing turbocharged variants of several production Corvettes, and in so doing, building cars that could achieve speeds well over 200 miles per hour.

How many corvettes were sold in 1987?

For the 1987 model year, Corvette sales did continue to decline, although overall sales were still respectable with a total sales yield of 30,632 cars total, of which the Corvette convertible accounted for 10,625 units, which was actually an increase of 3,400 convertible sales over the 1986 model year.

Was Callaway’s SledgeHammer Corvette the best motor of the ’89 era?

The world took notice. Hot Rod lavished the Sledgehammer Corvette in praise, voting Callaway’s twin-turbo engine among the best motors of ’89 and the whole car into its top-ten list of ’80s decade. Road and Track called it a “twin-turbo Lambo-baiter in plainclothes.”

What kind of engine does a 1987 Corvette have?

New for 1987 was an aftermarket option that was offered to consumers when ordering their Corvettes from the factory. Although it was not a factory option, speed-thirsty consumers could order a Callaway Twin-Turbo Engine package through participating dealerships.